Barbecue Take on Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, my family is changing it up a bit and 1) having T-day at our house and 2) having ribs. I know, I know – what?! Ribs? Who has ribs for Thanksgiving? Well, apparently, we do. I blame the old people in my life – my grandparents. The older you get, the more say you have in festivities, because family wants to make sure you are happy. (Well, that and the young, young kids have a huge say, because if they aren't the tiniest bit happy, no one is. Who wants to spend the holiday listening to screaming kids? Not me.) Anyway, today I have decided to research the best sides to go with the odd combo –ribs and turkey– that we will be having for this Thanksgiving, and drag you along for the ride. Woo! Are you ready?

I had a hard time at first finding these sides, but then I decided to google recipes that I'm familiar with and add a term like "Thanksgiving", "autumn", "barbecue", or "grilled". Here's what I found.

My brother's favorite dish is creamed corn, so how about this delicious grilled cream corn? I'm sure it would be delicious without being grilled … or without being creamed, but who wouldn't want to combine them?

Next up: potatoes. Or macaroni. I'm not sure which. :)

Or maybe the family is more into sweet potatoes for the holidays. These grilled sweet potatoes look delicious! :)

Not typically found in Thanksgiving, but typical for barbecue, baked beans are a great addition to the meal. This recipe has a little bit of fall added to it. And cheese. Because cheese.

Let's get away from the carbs for a bit. Why not grill up some asparagus, green beans, or other veggies? It adds color to your plate and tastes delicious!

Another classic barbecue side: coleslaw. Use kale and apples to give it a fresh fall taste. :)

Then for dessert, we can have the traditional pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, etc…

What sides would you cook if your family insisted on a barbecue Thanksgiving? Share! I'd love to hear! :)

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