Throwback: Baby Shower

Remember way back in July when Justin and I spent hours and hours and hours learning how to use watercolor and screen print baby shower invitations? About a month ago we hosted the actual baby shower for my little nephew and his parents. Today I've got a few pictures that I'm sharing from the event.

We went to Sam's Club to get all of the food for less than $100. We bought cupcakes (for free, they came with our membership), chips and salsa, a veggie tray, a meat and cheese tray, extra Italian meats, croissants, fruit, brie, and petit fours. Not shown in these pictures, but Justin also made guacamole.

My mom made a blue punch for the shower that consisted of 7-up, blue Hawaiian punch, and lime sherbert. Everyone loved seeing the little ducks floating around in it!

The baby's mama was going with an elephant theme for my nephew's room, so we went with a zoo theme for the shower. We positioned little animals everywhere!

My mom pulled out two generations of toys from the basement to decorate. These toys were toys she and my uncle played with as children and that my brother and I played with years later…

We had all of the guests place finger and thumb prints on this memento for the baby's room – a fingerprint guest book. 

After everyone had left, I put the fingerprint guestbook into a frame for the baby's room. It looked really adorable. :)

This was the end result of how the parent's incorporated the fingerprint guestbook into the baby's room. I think it looks awesome!

And one more photo of the cutie! It's only a matter of time before he starts growing… Justin took this picture at my request (he's taller) and he was scared to death he'd drop the phone and wake the baby! Thank goodness he didn't! :)

Hope you all are having a fantastic Thursday! Only one more day until the weekend…

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