Rooted In Design Book Review

Having never been a plant person but always intrigued by the beauty and zen created by a plant-filled space, I decided to take on and review Tara Heibel and Tassy de Give's book Rooted in Design. I felt that if I could recreate one of their plant ideas in my own home, then obviously they had done a good job.

With that being said, I held onto the book for three months and barely touched it. Despite my interest in creating a more wholesome and calming environment through the use of plants, I simply could not find time to do any of these simple and easy ideas. Even with step-by-step instructions, Justin and I found ourselves too busy travelling and creating in other ways. Food, for example, is a particularly easy method for beautifying and creating in one's life: you simply have to eat at some point. Plants, and specifically plant design, on the other hand, are not quite as critical to one's well being. (To be fair: in our last house, it took us nearly 6 months to hang up picture frames. We simply aren't into decorating…)

Nevertheless, even without having tried any of the ideas in the book, I had agreed to review it, so here I am…

Let me first say that the book is absolutely gorgeous. There are too many words for it to be a coffee table book, but the images are beautifully laid out and make the book enticing. Even without doing any of the projects, I would often find myself just flipping through the book taking in the pictures and wishing I had time (or enough desire) to create such beauty in my own home.

Then, when I finally took the time to read the instructions (today) I was shocked at how easy and cheap(!) many of the projects were! I'm pretty sure, if they wanted to, Heibel and de Give could make growing bonsai trees seem easy! I was especially obsessed with the Kokedama (plant ball) and macramé plant holder projects. How beautiful and cheap these designs would be for decorating a wedding, party, or even (as the book suggests) your home!

While I haven't had the chance or made the time to complete any of the projects in Rooted in Design, I know that when I do the results will be fantastic and beautiful. This is one plant book I'm glad I got my hands on.

Who this book is for:
• creatives
• plant people

Who this book is not for:
• people without time

Have you had a chance to check out Rooted in Design? Will you?

* I received a copy of Rooted In Design in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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