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When life gives you lemons


July Successes:
1. Finished one book I didn't like just to begin another. This time not by choice. As it turns out getting a book for free in exchange for a review doesn't always work out in your favor. The good news: it introduces me to new authors and writing styles that I may not otherwise have chosen on my own.
2. Tried a new style of photo editing. I think it might work…
3. Traveled to some beautiful places. (Savannah, Charleston)
4. Saw some good movies. (post 1, 2)
5. One blog post I'm kind of happy with where I used a couple of online programs to stylize the photos I used in it. (But to be honest, I'm probably more happy with the way I styled the pictures than the writing or anything else I did.)
6. Finished all of the things. (Baby Shower invites, Ultimate Coconut Cake.)
7. Edited some bad writing (not my own) and did some difficult brainstorming with my dad and husband about how to best answer a hard question.
8. Came up with a blog posting plan!

Improvements I'd Like to Make in August:
1. Finish Blogging 201. I just didn't have time in July.
2. Maybe find a good book on writing? I'm not elated with anything I published this past month.
3. Find my photo-editing style. Take more photos.
4. Finances. Argh.
5. Spend more time with family and friends.
6. Discover what I love photographing and writing about.
7. Comment more on other people's blogs. :)

Support & Inspiration:

"No matter what anyone tells you, words and ideas 
can change the world."

Loved the way Tyler's story came together. It was 
beautifully edited and is a real inspiration for 
how seemless I would like my blog posts to be.

So, dear friends and readers, how have you done on your July goals? What will you be improving in August? Do you find Robin Williams' speech in Dead Poet's Society as inspiring as I do?

** Join in and share your writer insecurities!
*** Trying  to stay onboard with August Break, but I didn't have a citrus image to edit… Does including someone else's image count?


  1. Sounds like you've done well with your goals! I can recommend three of my favorite books on writing. Of course I don't know if you're looking for the inspirational kind or the technical kind...
    Zen in the Art of Writing: Releasing the Creative Genius Within You, by Ray Bradbury
    Wabi Sabi for Writers: Find inspiration. Respect imperfection. Create peerless beauty. By Richard R. Powell
    Structuring Your Novel: Essential Keys for Writing an Outstandind Story by K. M. Weiland.

    Have fun!
    Bish, your co-host #128 on the Alex Scale

    1. Bish, Thanks for sharing the book titles. I'll have to check them out. Currently I'm looking for technical books, but inspirational are always fun too! :) Also, thanks for co-hosting! All of you do a fabulous job keeping IWSG going strong and helping writers feel supported! :)

  2. I'm such a goal-setter, and I love reading about other people's goals and how they are doing. Offering to read for a review isn't much fun when you get a book you just don't enjoy.

    1. I'm ready to read a book for fun. :( But, like I said above, at least I'm getting exposed to new authors and writing styles. There is always the chance I will receive a review book that is fun one of these days…

  3. Those are a lot of great successes for July. I too traveled a bit this summer to the Appalachian Mountains and along the east coast.

  4. Sometimes when I read a book that isn't for me, what I get out of it is being aware of similar elements that might pop up in my own writing.

  5. I like how you share your goals for each month, I should try that, keep myself more accountable. It looks like you had some great accomplishments last month. I got to go to Savannah a few years ago, it is so beautiful!


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