A Summer Picnic FTW!

The past few weeks have been really busy. At the beginning of July we were in Savannah celebrating July 4th and moving my brother to his new home. Then we were screenprinting baby invitations for 2+ weeks. Following that, we made a 3-day coconut cake and drove up to north GA to spend the day with my grandfather for his birthday. We thought we would finally catch a break when we traveled to Charleston for a mini vacation celebrating my birthday, but when we returned home I shattered my iphone screen and ran my car (not on purpose!) into a culvert. What a month!

So when Justin and I began discussing dinner options a few nights ago, neither of us wanted to spend much time in the kitchen. Instead of stressing out, we decided to have a picnic night at home. It was a much needed break and it allowed us to pick out whatever we wanted for dinner without anyone having to stand over a hot stove. 

Our picnic dinner options consisted of:

• King's Hawaiian rolls (Yum!)
• salami and ham
• swiss cheese
• Farmer's Market peanut butter and homemade jelly
• some delicious German-style (Inglehoffer) and French-style (not a clue – I don't like it) mustard 
• Hellman's mayo 
• fresh, homegrown tomatoes
• Lay's Kettle chips (Barbecue and Salt and Vinegar)

and, most importantly,

• Fig and Strawberry Newtons for dessert

We all mixed and matched things together making some delicious sandwiches and, shortly thereafter, remembering childhood as we chowed down on our exciting dessert. As much as I hate sandwiches (and I do – with a passion!) this was such a fun meal that I highly recommend it to anyone short on time. It's really a lot of fun mixing and matching ingredients to create the perfect sandwich, and the meal is super light for hot summer days.

Do you ever have indoor picnics when the weather is hot outside and you have too much to do? Have you ever had Inglehoffer Mustard? (It is soooo good!) What about fig newtons? Have you tried them since childhood? (They recently celebrated their 122nd birthday!) Share! I'd love to hear about how you make every day dinners seem like special occasions! :)

* I received a coupon for free fig newtons in exchange for sharing about them on my blog. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I'm passing by on the A-Z road trip. I like the variety in your posts and looks like you had a great picnic!


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