Bella Influenster VoxBox Review

About a week ago I received yet another fantastic assortment of pretties from Influenster! As a member of the influenster network, I receive items for free to try and to share my reviews with you. (Their goal being that either you or I buy these products. Sometimes the products are amazing … and sometimes they are not.)

Anyway, let's get to it!

The first item I pulled out of my box (and the reason it's not included in the "group" shot) was the Dove Dark Chocolate Whole Blueberries. I had seen this new offering from Dove on my grocery store shelves, but I hadn't managed to purchase it yet.When I did try it though, the combination of fruit and dark chocolate reminded me of this:

Anyway, the chocolate didn't last much longer. Justin didn't even get to try any! There was never even a chance to get a group shot with this candy in it! Oh well. Maybe next time. ;)

Next, I pulled out the amazing EcoTools Complexion Mattifying Finish Brush. I ended up taking it on my mini-vacation to Florida this past weekend and used it to apply my make-up before going to a graduation ceremony. Given how stressful that particular day was (with my car broken down for most of the day), it was nice using such a fancy brush with soft bristles. With the bristles distributing powder evenly across my skin, putting my make-up on became a cinch! I highly recommend the EcoTools brand. Everything I've tried from them (including the brush I received in my last VoxBox) has proved to be amazing!

I wasn't too sure about using the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs makeup in medium. For one, who uses makeup on their legs? Do people really have that much time on their hands? And if so, when? How? I need to know your secrets! :) Second of all, my skin isn't that dark. Yes, I have some Italian in my lineage, but… I also have English in my background too. (Thank goodness there isn't any Irish! Eeek! Fair skin for the lose?) Anyway, I digress. As it turns out, the medium skin color ended up working out pretty well for me. The cream smoothed in quite well only adding a hint of color, which is exactly what my untanned legs needed. Perhaps it's time to go dress shopping! ;)

One thing to note: the product didn't get me very far and I am a short person. If you are tall, I could see you going through a lot of product depending on how you use it and how much coverage you desire.

One of my favorite products in the whole box was the gorgeous Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss (in shade 33). The color is phenomenal for this time of year and really makes me think of the cherry blossoms that they have featured on this package. Now, if only there was a nail polish in this color! :)

Even though Influenster didn't read my mind and provide me with a lovely nail polish in shade 33, they did provide me with a mascara from Rimmel ScandalEyes and Kate Moss. Honestly I don't wear mascara that often, so I really have nothing to compare this product to. It went on easily enough with help from the broken heart shaped brush in preventing clumps and it washed off pretty easily as well. Given how little I know about mascara, this one gets a seal of approval from me. :)

In this fast paced world, aside from the coupon for a bottle of Club W's wine that they sent me, the Not Your Mother's DéJà Vu 'Do Primer and Style Extender was a surprising treat. I absolutely hate washing my hair. It takes so much time out of my day and it is quite literally a struggle to obtain a good look. Thank goodness Influenster and Not Your Mother's Brand has my back. Wash your hair, use this product, and your hair style (following a blow dry and straightening) will not only last longer but make your hair smell lightly of red apples and berries. :) Yum, right? This product was fantastic to take on my trip to Florida because not only does it repel dirt but it also blocks humidity! More beach trips ftw! :)

Overall, I have to say that the Bella Vox Box was one of the best boxes I have ever received from Influenster and certainly a fun, spring pick-me-up. I enjoyed getting to try so many different types of make-up and it all came just in time for me to take to Florida last weekend! :) I hope my reviews of these products will help you in deciding which new items on the market you should try (Dove Blueberries!) and which to avoid (Airbrush Legs? … ??!).

Leave me a comment if you have tried any of these products before or have received your own Bella VoxBox. I'd love hear some other opinions!

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  1. Every evening after dinner, my hubby and I share a glass of wine and some chocolates we keep hidden in the freezer. Frozen chocolates are the best because they take forever to melt in your mouth. Hi Mandy, I'm #61 from the IWSG list. Welcome to our insecure group.


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