Anthropologie Sales in Anticipation of Memorial Day Weekend

One of my favorite stores is at it again! They just marked down a bunch of new items, and if you order today and use the coupon code HELLOWSUNSHINE you can get free shipping when you purchase $150 or more! The following are a few of my favorites:

I recently ordered the Savan Jacquard Gown when it was 20% off. It's an online exclusive and has so-so ratings, but I knew I would be upset with myself if I didn't give it a shot. As I've mentioned before on this blog, ordering items from Ebay is ten times worse than ordering from Anthropologie to begin with since you are usually paying regular price without any options to return things that don't work, fit or look the way you want them to.

I won't have tried on each item I share in this blog post today, but I did try this one so let me provide a little feedback. :) First of all I ordered a size 2 in petite. Normally I would have ordered a 0 in regular, but given that this dress goes to the floor and reviewers were complaining about this being a small dress, I decided to size up. Thank goodness I did! First of all, I'm 5'2" and have a relatively small chest. When I put this on, it fit extremely well (almost tight) through the arms, waist and chest. You can't lengthen or shorten the straps, so it was pretty important that it fit. The empire waist however was pretty big – almost to the point of being too big on me. If I have my way and get the dress altered like I'm wanting to, I will probably have it taken in just a bit. The other key problem for me was the length. This dress was at least one foot longer than me. If have it altered there will be so much extra fabric … perhaps enough to make a purse, for those of you that are creative, have the time, and are willing!

While I do love this dress, with all of the alterations that will need to be made for me to wear this, I'm not sure if I will keep it. Do keep what I said in mind if you purchase it though. It's a lovely piece, but it may not be so lovely for the price, if it costs that much more to get it to fit you.

The large number of full length dresses including the Watercolor Garden Maxi and Anthemon Gown make me happy. Because I'm so short, I almost always have to have these types of items altered, but I love the elegant look they give. Unfortunately, this dress was not quite my favorite. I ordered a size 0 in petite and it was a little bit too long and I hated the sound the fabric made when I walked. Plus, the dress style wasn't my favorite either. The colors are beautiful for a summer day though. If you are tall and need a beautiful dress for a wedding or a cruise, I think one of these might be just the thing. :)

As much as I wanted to love this dress, I found after ordering it, that it has vertical stripes. Maybe some of you looking at it right now are thinking "duh!", but to my eyes the patterns looked varied and crazy … not vertical and stripe-like. Needless to say, I don't wear stripes. Plus, this dress has a white zipper down the back that just looks out of place. I do have to say the fit of this dress is fantastic! I ordered my regular size, and, aside from the stripeyness and the white zipper, it fit perfectly and could easily be an extremely fun dress to wear. As for me, though, it's going back to my local Anthropologie. Since the size 0 is sold out online, I'm pretty sure I'll make someone somewhere happy when I eventually get it returned! :)

Within the past few years, I have become more of a dress and jeans person. I don't wear skirts at all. However, one of my favorite skirts ever is one I bought at a vintage store in Atlanta years and years ago. It's a beautiful black, heavy 1950s number that barely fits me, but makes me feel like a princess when I wear it. The skirt has definitely had better days before it even reached my closet which is why I ordered the Floristic Tulle Skirt. The keyword in the title being "tulle" which is the one word I didn't pay attention to when I ordered. Oops! So yeah, this skirt is amazing, full, long (at least as long as it is on the model), and tulle, which is the main reason I'm returning it. If you buy it for the beautiful vibrant flowers on the skirt and you don't mind the tulle aspect (or the weight), you'll love it! If you are looking for more of a vintage knock-off like I was, this may not be the skirt for you…

While looking for a shirt (because I'm always looking for new tops), I saw this gorgeous turquoise top that fits loose but still has a bit of shape to it, so I ordered it. I was both surprised and happy when I received my usual size XS in the mail. I'm still getting comfortable with the rounded neck (I typically wear v-necks or a combination of layers that look more like a v-neck than rounded), but overall the shirt is light, comfortable, and a perfect transition piece for the spring. Now if only Georgia weather understood was "transition" and "spring" meant… Did you know that the weather here is already in the upper 80s/low 90s?!

Finally, these are items I have yet to try but love all the same. :)

Is there anything on sale (or not) at Anthropologie that you are loving currently?

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