Yummy Café Du Monde Beignets

A few weeks ago I received a coupon for one of my favorite ice cream shops in town – the New Orleans Snoball Café. While it's typically difficult to convince Justin to take me out for ice cream, I was having a bit of a rough day and he was feeling … sweet, I suppose. So he took me… And all of a sudden, amidst the rain that threatened, I could have sworn I saw a rainbow. :)

Anyway, in case you don't know (and I imagine most of you don't), the New Orleans Snoball Café serves snow cones (shaved ice) in a cup with sickly sweet syrup (my preference: strawberry and lime) a scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream, and (if so desired) whipped cream, marshmallow cream, and/or sprinkles on top. It is absolutely amazing. Far too sweet to eat the whole thing, so I usually stop when I get to the end of the ice cream… But still. Amazing.

While we were there, I spotted some boxes of donut looking things, and I asked Justin about them. I recognized the word "beignet" but I had no idea what they were or tasted like. As it so happens, the one and only place my husband has now traveled without me has been to New Orleans where he actually went to Café Du Monde and tried them. He explained that beignets were like little donuts and tasted a bit like funnel cake.

I suppose I sound like a sweet-a-holic when I recommended that we get some.

Justin was going to be fixing breakfast for a total of 6 people the next morning, and I knew he needed something he could cook fast. Obviously he bought bacon and eggs to cook, but toast (unless you have some really good bread from a bakery) can be kind of bleh in the morning.

So we bought the donuts…

You would be amazed at how quickly Justin had our breakfast together that morning. In under an hour, he had put the bacon in the oven, made scrambled eggs, and put together, fried and powdered (with sugar) these delicious little donuts. With the addition of fruit and coffee, our breakfast class had gone up a notch (or two). We felt like royalty. :)

Oh, and for the record, they do taste like funnel cake. :)

If you want to give them a try, you can buy them here on Amazon or you could try a recipe online instead.

Have you ever been to Café Du Monde in New Orleans? Are these donuts something you would be interested in trying?

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