Things to Do & See in Georgia A-Z Pt. 1

Today I decided to tackle something near and dear to my heart: a list of things to do and see in Georgia from A-Zzzzzz. ;) Not really. I hope you don't fall asleep anyway! :)

Way back in middle school, specifically 8th grade, I remember being required to create a booklet on Georgia history using the same method of creating topics A-Z. It was really fun. I had over a month to do it, and I remember getting family to pick up brochures nearly everywhere they would go just so that I would have a topic to cover for all the letters of the alphabet. Unfortunately I no longer have that project to refer to, and who knows how much would have changed since that time! But I still thought it would be fun to create an A-Z list for those interested in visiting Georgia in the future of things to do. I tried to stick to things specifically in the Atlanta vicinity that I have actually done, but, to be honest, I haven't done everything in the Atlanta area and I had a hard time finding things that fit all of the letters in just the one spot.

Nevertheless, here you go. This is my list of Georgia A-Z. :) I will be splitting it up over the course of the next few weeks so that you don't get overwhelmed with all that is Atlanta. :)

A. Georgia Aquarium

From what I understand, the Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest in the southern US housing over 100,000 animals from 500 species. Opening in November 2005, the aquarium had over 1 million visitors during it's first month and has had more than 10 millions visitors since! Whale sharks are the aquariums most famous specimens followed by hammerhead sharks, beluga whales, and manta rays that you can touch!

While a visit to the aquarium is costly at $36 per person, you can go on your birthday for free with a valid picture ID. The aquarium also offers many exclusive opportunities such as behind the scenes tours where you can pet the animals and swim with them. I recommend going during the week and getting there early, because, despite the high cost, the aquarium can get crowded quickly … and when it does it can make it hard to see the animals and enjoy your visit.

B. Botanical Gardens

Thirty acres of gardens located just outside of Piedmont Park were incorporated in 1976 to "develop and maintain plant collections for the purposes of display, education, conservation, research, and enjoyment" (ABG website). Having grown and developed quite a bit in the time since, the gardens offer special art exhibits throughout the year to attract visitors and guests, as well as classes and a holiday light show during the Christmas season.

Tickets cost $19 per person which does not include parking that costs a maximum of $15.

C. Centennial Olympic Park

Located in central downtown, the popular park was built in anticipation of the 1996 olympics. It is best known for the Fountain of Rings "which features computer-controlled lights and jets of water synchronized with music played from speakers in light towers surrounding the fountain" (Wikipedia). Every summer kids can be found playing in the 251 fountain jets that shoot water 12-35 feet in the air. Other activities in the park include a summer concert series and an annual July 4th firework display.

There is no cost to get in (unless there is a special event).

D. Delta Flight Museum

Housed in 2 1940s-era Delta Airline Maintenance hangars which were used until the 1960s, the museum is nonprofit and relies on volunteers, donations, and special event rallies. The museum officially opened in June 2014, which, prior to that, you were required to have a Delta employee ID to go see. The museum features a number of historic, restored airplanes found and discovered by Delta airlines.

The museum is free to visit, however they encourage you to check their calendar to be sure no private events are being held on the day you want to visit. While I haven't been to the museum since it opened to the general public, past experience has shown that it may not be the most interesting of museums to visit for children or anybody who isn't necessarily a huge fan of Delta.

I hope you enjoyed the beginning of my A-Z series on things to do in Georgia. I'll post the next set on Tuesday, March 17th!

Have you visited any of the above places? Do you have recommendations for my A-Z list? Share! I'd love to hear them!


  1. Georgia looks like an interesting place to visit :)

    1. It is! You should visit at some point! :)

  2. Ah, A, B, and C are great places! I haven't been to the Delta museum, though, that sounds fun! And I must say that in my book, anyway, B is for the Beltline in of my favorite places there! :) But the Botanical Gardens are lovely, too.

    1. I haven't really explored the Beltline too much. I guess I ought to! Do you have a particular place along the trail that you like best?


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