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Dear March,

You have been awful!

I am so glad that there are only a few days left before I am able to turn over a new leaf in April.

In the mean time, the following are my list of things that have made March just a tad bit more enjoyable:


Thanks to Smiley360, I received a free package of Randoms gummies to try this month and boy were they delicious! The gummy flavors include cherry, orange, strawberry, grape, lemon, raspberry, and citrus. With real fruit juice and no artificial flavors packed into over 100 different shapes, I'm certain you and your family will have a blast snacking on these delightful and colorful pieces of heaven!

(Buy here.)

Adeline Organic Eye Serum

After trying the Key West Health & Beauty Dark Spot Corrector last month, I was pretty excited to be selected by Tomoson to try the Adeline Organic Eye Serum. Unfortunately, I was not as impressed with this product. Don't get me wrong – it is not a bad product at all. The majority of people who review it on Amazon love it and I probably would too if I hadn't tried the Key West Health & Beauty product last month. The biggest difference I found between the two products is that the KWH&B product made my skin soft and feel hydrated; this product definitely helps with dark circles under the eyes but it does nothing special for my skin, which I had come to expect from an under eye treatment. *shrugs*

Anyway, the tube squirts out just the tiniest amount of serum which is all you need. A little goes a long way with this product. It's the tiniest bit watery and not smooth like a lotion. I was using the product approximately once a day. Some people on Amazon, I noticed, were saying that the product may initially cause a tingling sensation, which I didn't notice. Just beware if you have sensitive skin.

While I'm glad to have tried a different product, I think I will be going back to the original product I fell in love with at the end of the month. The good news for you, though, is that you can try the Adeline Organic Eye Serum yourself with a risk-free guarantee! If you haven't found an ideal product yet to solve any under eye problems you might have, give Adeline Organic Eye Serum a go! It's obviously one of the best products available rated at #32 among all eye serums available on Amazon!

(Learn more or buy here.)

A Thousand Wishes Bath & Body Works Lotion

I received a coupon in the mail for a free travel size signature collection product from Bath & Body Works, so of course I had to take advantage! At first I began by asking Justin which smells he liked, then I quickly moved beyond my naivety and just picked something out that I liked – the Thousand Wishes body lotion. It smells delightfully fruity upon first sniff but when you put it on it has more of a floral scent.

Honestly, I probably should have considered the body scent over the lotion though. I love Bath & Body Works products overall, but their lotion is not a go-to product for me. It makes my skin feel oily and moist and just plain gross. I buy it for the smell and that's about it. Congratulations on your marketing B&BW! :)

Other options you can buy include the perfume, the shower gel, the foam soap, and the candles.

Also, surprise! surprise! You can buy their products on Amazon! Who would have thought?

(See the other products at the B&BW website.)

Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub

To give your hands an extra clean feeling, you can pretend you are at the spa when you use the Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub cleansing hand soap. :) This new product is part of the Dial® Boutique Collection Hand Soap line and it makes washing your hands feel special. The smell is not too strong and something everyone in the family can get behind – a coconut vanilla scent that won't turn away your friends, neighbors, or dogs. :) The little micro scrubbers within the soap make your hands feel extra clean and soft. In my household, we've been using this product for just over two weeks now and love it! I highly recommend making a trip to the store to check it out. :)

Check out the Dial website to learn more.

And finally: clothes! (And jewelry!)

This month I bought:

• A nautical anklet from Claire's that is super-cute. It has a seahorse, a pearl, a starfish, an anchor, and (the thing that caught my eye first) a turquoise seashell! It is absolutely adorable for the the summer and I can't wait to wear it at the beach!

• The Free People Ripped & Torn Babydoll from Belk. (But currently, Free People has the item on sale for similar pricing.) It's very comfy and cute when worn as a dress with a cami and leggings underneath. I could also see it as being a good swimsuit cover-up if you are in need of one.

• I bought the Set of 3 Silver Everyday Anklets to be worn to a wedding a few weeks ago. I had fun wearing all 3 together to the wedding. It added just the extra bit of shimmer to my foot (because obviously that's the first place everyone looked when they saw me!).

• After 3 months of owning the tan version of the Frye Parker Tall Lace-Up boots, I saw the black version go on sale at Amazon. When this happened, I immediately started looking through my e-mail for all of my Amazon codes. Did I have enough codes to pay for the boots? Answer: yes! Total spent in cash on these boots: 28¢. I think I got a good deal. Now I just need to wear them…

What products have delighted you during the month of March? Are you ready for April and beautiful spring weather?

* I'm participating in 30 Days of Lists (sort of). Are you?
** I received products from Smiley 360, Purex Insiders, and Tomoson to try for free in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and not necessarily shared by the brands or companies that provided the products for me to try.

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