Currently: March Edition

I'm on the verge of getting sick, so in an effort to keep today's blog post simple, I present to you another edition of "currently". :)


The kids I babysit for are obsessed with Pitch Perfect. They've learned the cups song, often practicing and performing their own versions which they record with their ipad. During winter break I had the chance to see the movie for the second time. While I was really distracted during the movie, this song really caught my attention. I was really surprised to notice that the main singer, Skylar Astin, reminds me so much of the oldest child I watch (who is 13 and 6 ft tall). Anyway, I've been a little obsessed since I noticed that…

Listening: Ed Sheeran - "Thinking Out Loud"

One of the blogs I follow mentioned this song; apparently the lady's 3 year old thought this song was beautiful. And of course when one person mentions it, you start noticing it that much more. The music video is pretty fun though. I have the highest regard for the dancers that make this dance look so seamless, elegant, and easy. Oh - and the videographer who was able to pull it all together. That's not an easy feat – impressing me, that is!

Remembering: Life before.

For years I've fought change and now it seems to be happening so rapidly. All of the changes aren't necessarily bad, but life is definitely not what I expected it would be ten years ago…

Giggling About: my friend sending me pictures of him and all of his friends in Austria.

Planning: In one week Justin's sister gets married. In two weeks we are going to Nashville for Justin's cousin's wedding… In 6 months (or maybe more like 5.5) Justin and I are going to Europe to see my bff get married and I will become an aunt… all at once! This year is going by so fast! And getting pretty hectic too!

Anxiously Awaiting: This weekend Justin and I are going to see Chappie in theatres. I had never heard of it before a couple of days ago and I am soooo excited to go see it. We're having the whole works paid for including tickets, popcorn, soda, and candy. It will be fun! Plus, the movie looks pretty interesting too…

Interested to know: what happens in No Capes. I started reading this Wattpad story as my online "story" for this month without realizing it wasn't complete! I stayed up until 3am reading and reading and reading until I reached the last chapter and I felt so sad that I couldn't complete it.

No Capes is the story of a girl who finds herself in need of help that only a superhero could offer.  It's been one of my favorite Wattpad stories to read so far because the writing is phenomenal (way better than my own!) and the story is this conglomeration of action, mystery, comedy, and romance. (Think Castle.) It is soooo much fun to read!

I'm hoping I love my other chosen books for this month as much!

Keeping A Secret: I don't want to go to my bff's wedding shower. :(

There. Now you know.

Don't get me wrong – I will go. I have to go. I just don't understand why women subject themselves to these stupid events. I have never enjoyed one, mostly because I don't like guessing a baby's gender, dressing myself in a white toilet paper dress, or any of the other incredibly stupid things these women do to humiliate one another in the name of fun. It's soooo not fun. And the guys don't have to go… Soooo not fair.

DIYing: with what time? Usually I just have my husband DIH. :) Or the kids I watch DIT. (Do it themselves!) It's way more fun like that. :) You want a glass of milk to go with those cookies you weren't suppose to bring into the living room? Get your butt off the couch and go get it yourself. :) The kids get aggravated with me, but my husband is pretty understanding and awesome.

What are your currentlys? Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

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