Biltmore Estates Greenhouse + LG Nexus vs. Iphone 4s

Approximately 2 weeks ago, Justin and I went with our families up to the Biltmore Estates to take advantage of some free passes and see the Downton Abbey exhibit. Only one of the six of us that went had ever actually watched Downton Abbey, but free passes are always a fantastic excuse to visit anything!

While I don't have any pictures from the Downton Abbey exhibit, the crowds were a bit frightening and the staff at the Biltmore Estates was a bit rude, I did manage to take some pictures in the greenhouse located just behind the mansion (or American-style castle, depending on your take).

To make the picture-taking experience even more exciting, I left my DSLR in the car (not on purpose, mind you) and relied on both my old Iphone 4s and new LG Nexus (5? Whatever the newest model is!) for a rather interesting picture-taking experience. The following is what resulted…

I began my picture-taking experience with my iphone 4s. It's still my go-to phone and thus camera when I'm out and about. I used the Blux photo app to try and capture images with depth. After a 3 hour drive up to Asheville though, my phone was a bit tired and trying really hard to play dead. I kept shooting though…

I'm pretty sure this was the coolest shot I got with my iphone, and I took A LOT of photos with it. I kind of dig the pastel colors. What kind of plant is that? Anyone know?

This kind of looks like one of those 80s out-of-focus, dreamy photos.

And finally we get to the orchids – the main reason to go to the greenhouse this time of year…

At about this point, as we were waiting on my mother-in-law to finish taking photos with her fancy iphone 6, my iphone died. Grudgingly I pulled out my nexus unwilling to give up on my picture-taking endeavor and also unable to stay still and patiently wait (like everyone else in the group). Small talk? Psh! Who needs it?!

From the first shot, I was in love. The colors were so bright and vivid compared to my iphone 4s. The flowers stood out giving the image the depth I had been looking for in my iphone. Clearly there must be a mistake, I thought! The images will most likely be blurry when I move them to my computer.

Regardless of my negative thoughts, I kept shooting. You can take the camera away from the photographer, but you can't take the photographer away from the camera. :)

Maybe if I shoot from a higher angle?

Do I see symmetry? ;)

All in all, it was a fantastic experience (minus the 6+ hours spent in the car). I learned a lot about my new phone and how cameras have improved in the past few years. Unfortunately, I don't have access to my mother-in-law's iphone 6 images, but I think that would be a fun comparison as well. Cell phones, for me, are as much about picture-taking as they are about phone-ing and texting. And, of course, travel is always a good excuse to take pictures!

Have you had the chance to visit the Biltmore Estate Greenhouse before? What do you think about the iphone 4s vs. LG nexus comparison?

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