10 Indoor Activities For Cold, Blustery Days

Oddly enough, the past 2 weeks here in Georgia have been cold, wet, snowy, and windy. School was cancelled twice last week on account of the weather. When everyone got stuck on the roads last year unable to move their cars due to the icy conditions, the whole state became nervous. There is a possibility of snow and ice? No one go to work! Let's cancel school!


Our mayor issued a "state of emergency" last week when all we really saw was slush (or at least in the area I'm in). There was a bit of sleet one day, but nothing stuck to the ground. We've had a rather warm winter with February's weird forecast being the first possibility of snow since February 2014. Crazy, right?

Of course the last time it really snowed was in 2010, the year Justin proposed to me. Living out in the middle of nowhere, we found ourselves stuck inside for nearly a week! What do you do when you have so much time on your hands?

Well, here are a few suggestions…

1. Cook warm foods.

Soup, baked goods. Dinosaurs.

Wait, what? ;)

Seriously. There is nothing like warm foods to make you feel good from the inside out. If it makes the house smell delicious, all the better!

2. Watch a movie.

Cue the popcorn.

There's nothing like cuddling up under a warm blanket and getting sucked into your favorite historical horror comedy romance drama. Am I right? ;)

3. If the tv is occupied, pick up a book instead.

Reading is good for your brain. Plus, it only takes one good book to get you back into the habit of consistently reading for pleasure. Given a bit of time, you will be sucked into a world of written perfection.

4. Craft.

I get so thrilled when it starts snowing that I run outside and start taking pictures. I embrace the cold … mostly because I hate the heat of summer.

Justin is the complete opposite. He sits inside and does "engineering". Cold? No, thank you. he'd take a hot summer day over a winter one any time!

But don't think your only options are racing outside to take pictures or staying inside fixing the world's software (or hardware for that matter!) problems. You could try sewing a new outfit, scrapbooking your memories, learning to knit or crochet, painting the wintery scene outside your window, or (in the case of my father) creating model cars. All it takes is a little perspective and imagination. What makes you happy? What can you do with your hands?

5. Get a head start on spring cleaning.

I never said everything on my list would be exciting!

6. Have a dance party!

Turn up the music as loud as your ears can take and just dance!

Or sing…


7. Write your life story…

in a blog, like me. :) Or don't.

8. Call your bff and chat for hours

You  may be busy every other day 24/7/365, but if you find yourself stuck inside and bored, you don't really have an excuse, do you?

9. Make snow cream!

I suppose blustery doesn't necessarily scream "snow", but cold doesn't necessarily call for ice cream either. Unless it does… I've only had snow cream once while visiting Ohio with my in laws, but I know it is a delicious thing that should be made if it snows. So there. As it turns out, ice cream and snow might just go together after all…

10. Learn a new skill.

Whatever your life plans are, they should definitely include learning. If you are traveling to Europe, study a foreign language for a day… If you've always wanted to learn to play the piano, check out youtube. The kids I watch studied the cup song for days and days on end until they had learned it…Youtube and CreativeLive (among others) are awesomely informative and can teach you nearly any skill you can imagine! So give it a try when you are bored at home! What do you have to lose?

So what will you be doing during your cold, blustery day in? Is there anything you can think of that I haven't mentioned?

* Thanks to the SITS Girls for providing today's writing prompt!

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