Saving Money on Food: The Box of Blood Oranges

Justin and I tend to be pretty frugal with regards to food. Yes, we buy some things in mass quantities and pay more for things we really like, BUT we also only buy what we know we will use. We rarely splurge on a large box of fruit, because there is no way you can possibly eat that much before it goes bad.

But sometimes we make an exception.

Last weekend while Justin and I were shopping at the farmer's market, I questioned whether or not blood oranges were in season still. They are my absolute favorite type of oranges and bring back so many memories of preparing for my wedding day that I knew if they were still available, I was going to get some. As it turns out they were! Justin and I looked at the piles and piles of oranges contemplating how many we should get until I had the brilliant idea of buying a carton. In my opinion, the blood orange season never lasts long enough, so, by buying a carton of oranges and making some delicious treats with the oranges that wouldn't go bad super quickly, I figured I could almost make the season last longer.

So that's just what we did.

The first order of business was a delicious sorbet.

Molly Moon's sorbet to be more exact.

image and recipe from here and included in Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream book

In making a sorbet (or being with Justin while he made it), I learned a lot about the process … and the differences between a sorbet and an ice cream. The end result was a delicious, sweet treat that is now sitting in our freezer.

Next up: Marmalade.

image from here

I have to be honest, I didn't watch Justin make this. I got to experience the process anyway though. After beginning it the same night as he mixed the sorbet together, he came to bed soooo tired. Apparently, the recipe called for 40 minutes of orange softening on the stove. (It was 10pm when he started this process.)

No matter how much sweat and tears went into the sticky, sugary process of marmalading, Justin came out in one piece with a delicious spread for breakfast breads … and I imagine it would be downright delicious with cheese too. Four jars later, I'm pretty sure that we won't have to worry about running out for a loooooooooonnnnnnngggggg while. :)

Finally, we made Valentine's Day breakfast Mimosas with the remaining oranges.

image from here.

One, two, three glasses in and I was in heaven. :) The concoction was sweet, sour, and sparkly. No mimosa made with grocery store orange juice (or regular oranges for that matter) even compares!

Before we ended our blood orange making party, I did ask on twitter what we should do with our remaining blood oranges (at the time we had 20). Friends recommended so many things that I'm considering possibly buying another box and having a second go at it to find other delicious treats (and actual meals) worth making.

Have you ever considered buying a product in mass quantities and experimenting with it? What did you buy and how many things did you make? If you haven't, would you ever consider doing it?

* I'm participating in the SITS Girls' February Writing Prompts. Are you?

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