Love Songs 101

My husband and I did not have a first dance song when we got married. We couldn't agree on anything. ;)

I wanted Michael Bublé's "Everything".

I can't remember what Justin wanted.

About the only song we did agree on was a song we had Justin's cousin sing during our ceremony… Steven Curtis Chapman's "I Will Be Here".

My ex-bff had also chosen a SCC song for her wedding, so I was pretty adamant that I wouldn't use a song by him. I spent hours upon hours searching google … not only looking for a song that I liked but also a song that was appropriate for the church. I had further requirements I set for myself as well – I didn't want a song specifically about romance nor did I want a song that could not be sung by both genders. Finally, after not being able to find any other song that suited my needs, I sent this song to Justin with one question: what do you think? I just knew he'd say that he hated it and I'd have to start over again; I wasn't prepared for him to actually like it. Luckily, he did and my search stopped. (Thank goodness!) I then sent the song to our singer and the man in charge of music at the church. Even though they both agreed that it was a good fit and acceptable choice, our singer did not have the chance to sing with the pianist until an hour before the ceremony! Stress! Ack! But they handled it well and the song was beautiful … even better than SCC's version. We got so many compliments afterward in our choice of singer. :)

Despite all of the above, Justin and I actually consider the Arctic Monkey's "Baby I'm Yours" as our song.

It wasn't played specifically at the wedding even though it may have been in my playlist. (I can't remember.)

I'm sure I've shared the story on the blog before, but back when Justin was in college, I went down to GA Tech to "help" him paint his room a nasty orange. Really, I just sat and watched. (I didn't want to get paint on my clothes!) Anyway, he was listening to a bunch of music I didn't like … and then this song came on. I was like "wah?!?!" I loved it! I'm a huge fan of older styles of music. I'll listen to jazz (as in both big band and smooth), oldies (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s … and why not? 90s), rock, classical, Christmas (even in February!), and alternative (to name a few). I'm pretty open in music tastes. That's why it stood out to me so much that Justin was listening to stuff I disliked. But when this song came on… <3.

It didn't stop there though. One day as Justin was leaving the house, he used his phone to program the radio to play this song. I was working on my computer in a completely silent house as I heard the car start up and leave … but then some noise started growing in the background becoming louder and louder. You have no idea how many times I pressed mute on my laptop to no avail. I was about to shut my laptop to get the music to stop when I realized it wasn't actually coming from my laptop! I was sooooooo confused!

When Justin returned from the store, he asked me about it. You should have seen the look on my face.

Yeah. That's when it became our song.

And the worst part? We had been dating approximately 3 years at that point. It took 3 years for us to find a song. Crazy, right?

Tell me about your song … whether it's a song you merely share with your partner or your first dance song. What is it? What makes it special? Do you have any fun stories to go along with it? How did you choose it?

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