5 Fab Things to Do In the City of Love

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As an ode to the upcoming holiday of love, the following are what I consider to be the best of the best things to do in Paris. I've only been once, but I don't think it takes more than that to list all of the wonder and beauty that can be found in one of the most well-visited cities of the world.

1. Find the best crêperie in Paris.

When Justin and I went to Paris, we asked the hotel front desk clerk where she recommended we go for dinner. More specifically we asked where she would go to have dinner. While not giving us the name of a specific restaurant, she directed us to an area heavy in crêperies on Rue du Montparnasse. Despite having never been to a crêperie, I was in France and I wanted a real French meal (like at home) not some sort of breakfast food. Psh! A thin pancake! How good could it really be?

I was wrong. I have never tasted a better crêpe in my life. Who needs an American-style French dinner when you can have delicious, delicious crêpes?

Don't listen to those people who say "you haven't lived until you've bought a crêpe from a street vendor in Paris!" Go to a restaurant. It is sooooo worth it.

2. While we are at it… explore food and drink in Paris. 

Buy a baguette.

Drink freshly squeezed orange juice.

Eat a croissant.

Sip on wine or champagne.

Taste the heavenly hot chocolate.

Grab some cheese…

This is a good list of places to go.

The only thing that France did not do well were burgers. And hotel breakfasts. Everything else is close to perfect though. :)

3. Walk the streets. People watch.

With all of the beautiful architecture, and the fashionable women and men, it is almost a thrill in itself just to wait on the Metro.

Near the Seine, people sell beautiful (Chinese) paintings (because let's be real, these people did not actually paint those paintings) that almost make you swoon.

At one point, during our trip, Justin and I saw a wall of paintings on a fence outside of a garden that we could never find again in the 3rd arrondissement. (Someone, help? Which garden is it?)

If I ever return to Paris … a street art walking tour could be a lot of fun.

The streets of Paris are gorgeous and unique … and the people just like them. Ever seen a woman in a dress riding a bicycle on the NYC streets? 

Of course, it's possible that I am just easily entertained.

4. Take some time to shop.

I didn't get to while I was in Paris, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't.

These book shops sound amazing.

My heart thrills at the idea of looking for overpriced vintage antiques … or underpriced thrifts.

I'm also a bit obsessed about exploring a flower market in Paris. Why doesn't my home city of Atlanta have one?

5. Visit a Parisian rooftop at dusk.

The perfect end to a perfect day can only exist if you do this one little thing.

And there are so many places to do it!

While I am certain that there is far more to see and do in Paris than I will ever find the time for, I think my list of 5 things are the most important five things you could ever do if you ever find the time and money to visit Paris. If you've been before, what are your favorite things to do? If you haven't, do you have anything on your wanderlist that you think I should have included?


  1. I've never been to Paris but it's on my bucket list. I'd also like to do an eating tour through the south of France.

    1. Oh my gosh! Yum! That would be amazing! :)


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