10 Fun Pinterest Valentine's Ideas

Because Valentine's Day isn't Valentine's Day without crafts, food, and pinspiration!

1. Go all out with a holiday drink

I can't find the blog post related to this image, but I know it originated here

Pink heart marshmallows + whipped cream with pink sprinkles on what I presume to be hot chocolate sounds absolutely amazing. It looks like such a fun treat for the holiday! I imagine the idea could be used to dress up fancy coffee drinks too if you like them sweet.

2. Give Hershey's Kiss Flowers

Undecided on whether or not your lady love would prefer flowers or chocolate? Give both using this little craft found on the Hershey's website. Gorgeous, fun, and different, you are sure to win over her heart when you show off your amazing creativity.

* Keep in mind that Hershey's also sells pink and red kisses at this time of year, which are great if you are going for a slightly different floral look. :)

3. Surprise Someone You Love

I pinned the image from here, but it looks like Woman's Day magazine originally came up with the idea.

Need a different take on the old "cookies and milk"? Surprise your loved ones with heart shaped cookies on sticks in milk! It's fun! It's different! And best of all, it's exciting! Who wouldn't want to eat these delicious pieces of heaven?

4. Create simple yet enviable cards.

Ever get the feeling that this holiday is consumer driven? Want to do something a tad different than the traditional? Create your own cards and envelopes from items you have lying around the house. Old scrapbook paper, kraft paper, and string really bring this idea together in a simple yet cohesive way that will surely impress those you care about.

5. Give all of your Valentine's photos a bokeh-licious look.

Umm … yeah. Enough said, right?

6. If you're into health foods…

Carve out some floral strawberries. They look amazing … They taste amazing. Is it possible for anything to really go wrong?

7. Feed the birds…

Decorate a tree outside for the holiday with these fun fruit loop bird feeders and share your love with the birds while you're at it. Mary Poppins would be so proud! :)

8. Take a luxurious bath.

Valentining is hard. Ohsohard. Relax in the tub and smooth your dry skin and calloused everything with this fantastic Conversation Heart sugar scrub. You will feel oh-so-much-better afterward!

9. Decorating is important.

Don't forget to hang hearts everywhere so that your home looks just as good as the one down the street. You will not be outdone this year!

10. And in case 10 projects simply weren't enough…

Take a gander at Brittany Este's 25 DIY Valentine's Day projects. You are sure to find just the perfect something you are looking for… and maybe something a little extra!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a happy Valentine's Day!

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