Colorful Sales – The Beginning of January Break

One of the things I absolutely love about blogging and writing in general is to take an idea and make it my own. Often in English classes (or any class really) I would be given a topic that I wasn't interested in writing about. In fact one of the coolest most fun topics I've ever created for myself was my thesis for my masters degree which incorporated reading, writing, art, and education. You have no idea how difficult it is to come up with a thesis you are interested and excited about that incorporates all of those things! :)

Anyway, last year I found myself incredibly busy and wanting to take a break. I was completely unaware of how busy I would become in the coming months moving and traveling, but I knew I needed a break from the Christmas rush. Thus I decided to do what I like to call the January break:a mid year attempt to take the time to breathe, restore my creativity, and blog about whatever the heck I want to blog about under specific criteria created by me. That specific criteria involved taking a gander at The Idea Room's January photo-a-day list and creating my blog posts from the list of words they provided either in words or pictures.

As crazy as it seems, this project is not as easy to do in practice as it seems. For example, today I've spent at least 2 hours just trying to think of a topic I want to blog about that somehow relates to color. I ended up deciding on sharing colorful items that are currently on sale since I have a bunch of gift cards that I'd like to use at some point. I hope you enjoy seeing my picks.


Eliza J Lace Tulip Dress @ Nordstrom


Far Channels Cardi @ Anthropologie


ASOS Midi Skirt in Scuba with Dipped Hem (Ochre) @ ASOS


Mikael Aghal Asymmetric Silk-Crepe Gown @ The Outnet


Connected Apparel Floral Lace Tiered Dress @ Von Maur


Perkins Short Pouf Skirt @ Alice & Olivia


Joie 'Makika' Lace Skirt @ Nordstrom


Free People Faux-Leather Hooded Moto Jacket @ Macy's

Please, feel free to share your own sale favorites … or share anything about color. I'd love to hear what others in the blog-o-sphere are thinking. :) Have a fantastic weekend!

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