Anthro Sale – What I Would Buy If… (clothing edition)

I love shopping at Anthropologie … and I love when they have sales. I especially love when they have sales on sales. (I've never actually seen sales on sales on sales, but I wouldn't be opposed to that!) Unfortunately, given our current circumstances (traveling to Europe this year and what not), it would be much wiser for me to refrain from actually purchasing anything at my favorite store. Tragic, I know. :) My circumstances, however, do not prevent me from tempting you with the sale goodness though.

The following is what I would buy if I had all of the money in the world…

Because everyone needs a pair of white skinny jeans.

2. Pineland Maxi Dress

This dress has a gorgeous color and I picture Scarlett O'Hara in her gorgeous green velvet curtain dress when I see it. However, even on the model, I think this dress needs *something*. A belt or shrug … maybe fancy gold shoes? At 40% off (down from $200), you might be able to afford to take this dress to the next level of awesomeness… Or, if you are anything like me, maybe not?

3. Current/Elliott Distressed Denim Vest

No judgement, but I watch Austin and Ally on Disney channel with the kids I babysit for and Ally always wears these cute outfits with a distressed denim vest. Perhaps I could pull that look off too if I had this vest?

Another reminder of a bygone era (think Scarlett O'Hara's red dress), I am in love with the fringe on the bottom of this dress. The top is pretty boring, but I think with the right accessories it could really be pretty. Is that why it's on the sale rack? (Down from $430! crazy, right?)

Impressive naming, don't you think? ;) Either way, I love the newest fad (or is it old at this point?) of clothing that drapes longer on the sides and shorter in the back. It's cute, versatile, and makes me feel like I look slimmer. Plus, this cardigan looks super light and comfy, perfect for fall and spring!

Fun and unique as well as reminiscent of a coat my mom had in the 70s, I'm in love with this skirt. I truly think if I spotted this in a thrift store I would think it was much older than it actually is. I especially think it would look cute with a black version of the Frye lace-up boots I recently got. What do you think, Justin? :-P

(There's nothing like peer pressure.)

Even in yellow (my least favorite color), I think this Top is gorgeous and ultra-feminine. With 40% off of $100, this could be a great buy if you are in need of a new work sweater.

Do you own this yet? Seriously?! Go buy it. Like now. Everything else on my list is stuff I don't own, but I do own this and you need it. Seriously.

These cuties remind me of Liz Lisa. Cute and girly. I definitely said no to the $170 price tag, but 40% off of $120 for a pair of warm gloves could be just the ticket I need for purchasing… Then again plane tickets to Europe are really expensive… *sigh*

Have you had the chance to look at Anthro's incredible sale? Do any of the clothing items I've listed above intrigue you?

Tomorrow I'm planning on sharing all of my household sale finds from Anthro with you. Don't wait on me though… Anthro products sell out fast during the promotion period. If there is something you really like, be sure to jump on it! :) Have a fantastic Wednesday!

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