Anthro Sale – What I Would Buy If… (home edition)

Imagine you have all of the money in the world. What would you buy if Anthropologie was having a sale on their sale products and you could afford any of it? (Make sure to use coupon code EXTRAEXTRA).

I'm in the opposite situation which makes this a wish post. More specifically an I wish I were in my own house and could afford to decorate even though I still want to be able to afford a trip to Europe post … that isn't about clothes. Because seriously: clothes come first. Always. ;)

1. Rosette Quilt

Remember the pink stage? I'm 95% certain that every little girl goes through it whether you want to or not. It's the time in your life when you are super young and your mom is so happy she's having (or has had) a little baby girl and everything is coming up roses (or pink). Your bedspread is pink, your wallpaper is pink, you have more pink in your wardrobe then you can ever imagine wearing!

Through the help of my mom and grandmother, I went through the pink stage. And the floral stage. When I emerged I found myself enamored with the ocean. My bedroom colors were henceforth purple, blue, and a lovely green-yellow. I spent so much money on the curtains for my bedroom and I ended up designing them myself simply because nothing else made me happy. I wanted something unique that fit my personality … nothing else seemed as unique as designing your own.

Anyway, my beautiful bedspread featuring all of the above colors made me happy and content for years and years and years until, eventually it wore out. Had the Rosette quilt in this lovely shade of purple been available at the right price, I might have considered it. Unfortunately, years later for my wedding, my husband and I received this exact style quilt in blue only to find strings detaching and the blanket falling apart after only a year of light use. At this point, as much as I love the color of this quilt, I think I will simply sit back and admire it while you fine readers buy it. I don't want to run into problems again! It is a gorgeous quilt though!

2. Farmers Market Basket

This was on sale last year as well, but I don't know if it ever went as low as 40% off? Anyway, I love this basket. It is made out of stoneware so it will last until you break it; it's not sturdy cardboard like what you might actually find at the farmers market. Best of all: it looks great with strawberries in it. I haven't actually tried putting strawberries in it, but I have a fantastic imagination. Red + turquoise + devine!

3. Pop Dot Decanter

Last year Justin and I bought a lovely blue decanter from Anthropologie so what use do we have for a pretty, decorative purple one? None, I tell you. None. This makes me sad. Apparently I need more purple in my life. Don't you agree?

4. Baker's Kit

I think they have a beer making kit as well? Right?

Anyway, the baker's kit is simply A-DOR-A-BLE. I never saw it in real life, but seriously. Look at that image. Isn't there someone in your life this would make the perfect gift for? *sigh* Really, it just makes me daydream of snowy days inside making sugar cookies. There is nothing better. :)

5. Georgiana Duvet

First of all, duvets are so way better than quilts or comforters. I don't know why, but they just are. They are classier I suppose?

Second of all, remember that pink stage I was talking about?

Maybe I never outgrew it. Perhaps I only thought I did. Why else would this gorgeous duvet be on my wish list?

Is this love? … Or lust?

Only time will tell. (After the product sells out and I am forced to cry for weeks because the only way to obtain it is to order it off of ebay : it eventually goes on sale from some loser who didn't care for it properly and spilled ink on it but is still charging an exorbitant price merely because they bought the gorgeousness on sale from Anthro and I did not. Sad day, indeed.)

6. Scalloped Fringe Throw

While the blue would be my first choice, the red isn't necessarily a deal breaker at 40% off $79.95. I can imagine it looking pretty when pulled out at Christmas and draped lovingly over the sofa for cuddling by the fire and staring at the Christmas tree. Can't you picture it?


Neither can I. I need more Christmas in my life. :) Yes, in January.

7. Autumn Filigree Bed

Anthropologie has this thing where the post pictures of products and I want them. Do I need them? No. But I am a female and shopping is in my nature…

8. Library Letter

If you are getting married or know someone who is … or if you know someone (like me) who needs random useless decorative junk to fill their deepest desires, you may be interested in buying these books (er… letters). They are a need, right?

Have you purchased anything yet from Anthropologie's sale? Will you be purchasing anything from today's list?

If you are interested in any of the items from either list, be sure to check them out before they disappear! You always have limited time when Anthropologie puts their products on sale and i wouldn't want you to miss out!

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