Staybridge Suites – Chattanooga, Tennessee

Destination: Chattanooga, TN
Date: October 2013
Hotel: Staybridge Suites
Brand: IHG
Status: none
# of travelers: 2

Hotel & Brand – Making the Decision

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After spending a day in Chattanooga exploring, Justin and I knew we had to return. I didn't remember there being too much to do or see having only visited Chattanooga with my school and parents when I was much younger. My first trip as an adult had me entranced with the beautiful, walkable city and I knew I had to return.

In October of 2013, I was given a pending status upgrade to gold so long as I visited an IHG brand hotel within a set time period. I researched and researched not knowing much about Chattanooga or the hotels in the area, and I found myself choosing a one night stay at the Staybridge Suites near the downtown convention center. I had read it was walkable (it's not really) and the rooms seemed big and inviting from the images I saw online.

Getting There & Around the City

The hotel parking lot is complicated! There is a gate that you can get into if you are a guest, but I remember struggling to figure out how to open the darn thing. Believing that my husband and I were in walking distance, we took the 30 minute hike to the RiverRocks concert that was taking place in downtown Chattanooga. The walk to wasn't so bad, but after meandering all over the city, the walk back on tired legs and feet wasn't too fun. (Did I mention I twisted my ankle before walking back?) The alternative of driving to the city center from the hotel isn't too great either; parking costs are high especially when there is an event going on. I recommend getting a hotel room as close to the city center as possible, because no matter what you do you will be walking. You may as well minimize how much walking you do by spending just a little bit extra on your hotel room.

Checking In, Room, View, & Disability Access

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There wasn't much to our check-in process as we were not yet IHG gold members.  We asked for a room with a view, but the front desk said that all of those rooms had been filled. Up on a high floor facing the parking lot, we were enthused with our room. It was a large suite that included a small kitchen and living area (with free popcorn!). There was very little about the room that I didn't like.

Aside from the difficult parking, there is little to prevent someone with a disability from enjoying their time at this hotel. With the hotel being situated next to a convention center, the hotel has to be prepared for any visitors it receives, handicapped or not.


Even though we only stayed one night, it was nice being able to wake up Sunday morning to a free breakfast in the lobby. The hotel buffet included hot biscuits with gravy, sausage, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt, make-it-yourself waffles, 3 cold cereal choices, and a large variety of breakfast drinks. It was a nice variety, although somewhat typical, as I've seen, for most American hotel brand breakfasts. Still, I was grateful to not have to go to a restaurant and wait in line for food.

Overall Review

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★★★ (average)

While this hotel was larger than any I had ever experienced before, we were not offered anything above and beyond what I was expecting. Perhaps a room with a view would have pushed this hotel on up to 4 stars. Either way, I think this hotel is great for business purposes or a weeklong vacation, but I recommend staying somewhere closer to downtown if you have any intention of exploring the city.

Your Turn

Would you consider staying at this hotel? If you've been to Chattanooga, do you have anywhere you would recommend instead?

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