Movie Review Monday

I love going to see movies, but I rarely do because they are so expensive to see in theatres and I often have far too little time to go. Recently, I've had the privilege of seeing a large number of movies though, and I've decided to share my opinions about them. I was impressed with some … but not with all.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Ok, ok. I admit it. I only went to see this movie, because I was doing a secret shop and getting paid for it.

There. I said it.

I know. I know. It's a huge mega series that everyone is watching. I know that everyone has read the books (except me). I know that you all love it.

I went expecting to criticize a movie, and I came out criticizing it. I'm a pretty pessimistic person, it would seem. If you are expecting a pleasant review, simply move on down to the next movie on my list. I'm sorry. :-/

What is Mockingjay about? If the movie had explained it perfectly I wouldn't find myself on Wikipedia. Basically, Katniss Everdeen agrees to unify the districts of Panem in a rebellion against the Capitol. Her boyfriend(?) Peeta has been brainwashed by the other side and frequently speaks out against Katniss on television in an effort to get her to join the side he is on. Finally, when Katniss manages to rescue him, she discovers that he may not be quite the same person she remembers…

Overall, having not seen the beginning of the series, I felt lost throughout the majority of the movie. Characters were doing and saying things on the screen … and I was watching (while eating free popcorn and drinking free soda of course!). As the movie came to a close, I wasn't truly left wondering "What will happen next?" as I expected to be. This movie did absolutely nothing to raise my interest in seeing either The Hunger Games or the movie that will follow Mockingjay. Unless I am given another opportunity to see the next movie for free, I will not be completing this series.


Out of all 3 of the movies I'm reviewing today, Interstellar very well might be my absolute favorite! I am not a sci-fi fan, so anytime I see a movie that rocks the boat even the tiniest bit I become critical. This was absolutely not the case with this movie … until the end. But trust me, the rest of the movie is worth a watch even if you hate the end.

Interstellar is the story of a young widowed family and what they go through when they discover that the end of civilization is coming. In true Sixth Sense style, Cooper's daughter Murphy believes she has ghosts trying to communicate with her by sending coded messages through books and sand in her bedroom. Eventually, they decide (quite randomly in my opinion) that the "ghost" has left them binary coordinates directing them to a secret NASA site where they learn that unless Cooper agrees to travel to new worlds via a wormhole, his daughter's generation is the last generation that will ever exist on earth (or any other planet). Always up for an adventure, Cooper agrees to go leaving his daughter and son on earth with their grandfather not knowing when or if he will ever return. At first travel is easy, but as time passes on earth (more quickly than where he is) and some of his teammates begin to die off, things get a little bit more difficult for both Cooper as well as his family on earth. Will Cooper solve the crisis humanity faces? Will he ever see his family again?

There are so many fantastic things I could say about this movie. The acting from Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway was stellar! The music (and pauses) was phenomenal! The imagery and ideas (for a non-science person) came together wonderfully. And the knowledge that this movie was created by Christopher Nolan tells you everything – think Memento + The Dark Knight. The film was thought provoking (even if you don't agree with some of the thoughts) and dark. I highly recommend taking 3 hours out of your day to go to the theatre and pay the $30 just to see and experience this movie on the big screen. In my opinion, it is worth the time and your money.

The Theory of Everything

This movie tells a beautiful story of a very smart man, his wife, and the challenges they face as they take on ALS, the reason you all did the ice bucket challenge this past summer.  It begins with Stephen Hawking in college where he is studying physics. One day, after class, he trips falling to the ground and hitting his head on the concrete. After a visit to the doctor confirms that he has ALS and a mere 2 years to live, his friend and love interest Jane decides to marry him agreeing to go through all of his ups and downs with him. A true story, I can hardly believe all that this couple goes through as Stephen Hawking develops his theories and become known worldwide.

While I find the story itself remarkable, the movie practically puts me to sleep. (Sorry!) The music is amazing, the actors are phenomenal, but the story in all of it's truth is lackluster. I was hoping for surprising or thoughtful rather than dramatic with only half of the story being told at any one point in hopes that the movie will make it's 2 hour cut (or whatever the time frame is). If you are huge Hawking fan, go see this. As for me, perhaps next time I will consider reading a book.

What movies have you seen recently? Any that were truly amazing? Do you agree with my viewpoints on any of the movies mentioned above?

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