Remembering: Last years card-making extravaganza and all of the glitter! Everywhere!

Giggling About: "Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei." (Everything has an end, only the sausage has two.)

One of my favorite Youtube channels is Germany vs. USA. I think I stumbled across it during the FIFA World cup. Anyway, last week, they were discussing Awesome (German) Sayings and Expressions. Most of them were kind of eh, but this one stood out to me especially when the German gave an example of how he might use it. (You'll have to watch to hear his example; I'm not giving it away.)

Planning: Sooooo many things!

Tonight we're going to meet my bff's German boyfriend at my absolute favorite restaurant. She's about to move to Germany with him, so it's kind of a big deal that I meet him for the first time. Justin is planning on speaking to him in all German just to get under her skin; sounds like fun to me. lol. (She doesn't speak hardly any German and understands even less than I do, so it will be exciting when she moves to Germany!)

Then, for the blog, I have a book review (or 5) and a bunch of product reviews coming up. (Influenster and Crowdtap are keeping me busy!) Honestly, it makes me a bit anxious and stressed knowing I have so much to do before Christmas.

As for Christmas I still have shopping, wrapping, card-making, and shipping left on my to-do list. AHHH! I feel sooooo busy! (And stressed!)

Anxiously Awaiting: Santa?

The only thing I'm really anxious about is getting everything done that needs to be done before Christmas.

Interested to know: if I will like the Klipsch x11 headphones I ordered from Newegg. They are the most expensive headphones I've ever owned and I am scared to death I will either 1) love them and never be able to go back to the cheap ones or 2) lose them. (I just lost my 5 year old turquoise $15 Sharper Image headphones that I loved, and the x11 are my replacements.)

Baking: nothing. This is totally unusual because Justin is always baking something at Christmas time… a cake, a French baguette, cookies… But this year he is right there with me trying not to get sick and keep up with all we have to do.

Keeping A Secret: presents, of course. :)

DIYing: As part of my review for some books coming up, I'm wanting to make a batch of Jeni's splendid ice cream, create a paper flower, and do a Christmas craft. That's what reviewing is about right? But first, this weekend, Justin and I get to make Christmas cards. A bit late? Absolutely. Maybe our friends and family will have them by the new year. :-/ Luckily we have the Silhouette Cameo to help speed the process along.

What are your 'currentlys'? Are you stressed out with Christmas preparations? Or are you cool as a cucumber, prepared and ready for the holidays?

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