Christmas Movies Pt. II

As I was attempting to come up with a new set of Christmas movies, the only movies that really came to mind were the cheesy Lifetime and Hallmark channel movies. Could I really come up with a comparable new list of movies after last years? After all, there haven't exactly been too many new releases at the box office. Rather than list movies that I've previously seen in years past, I'm going to take the time to list a few Christmas movies I've never seen that maybe I'll take the time to watch this year.
1. Babes in Toyland 
I've never seen any version of the movie despite google's suggestion that there are quite a large number of productions of it. I have no idea what it's about, but I have heard the name so frequently in the past that it makes me think it's a movie worth watching at least once in my life. 
2. Meet Me In St. Louis 
In the movie The Family Stone, there is one scene where a character is watching this movie on Christmas eve waiting for her husband to arrive at her family's home the next morning. Seeing this scene in that movie was my first introduction to Meet Me In St. Louis, perhaps because of the age of the movie. I've seen The Family Stone many times since, but I still haven't seen Meet Me in St. Louis… 
3. Love, Actually 
Years ago I saw Love, Actually and I hated it, so I guess this movie doesn't really belong on this list… Then again I was much younger at the time and the popularity of this movie has soared since. Did I miss something in my first viewing? Why is this movie so popular? It's a question I need an answer to! 
4. White Christmas 
Irving Berlin, the musician who created and popularized many well-known songs today including "Puttin' On the Ritz", "God Bless America", and "Blue Skies" also worked on a musical based on his popular song "White Christmas" that was used in the 1942 movie Holiday Inn. Obviously I know the song, but I'm not familiar with the movie… It might be time to get familiar with it! :)
Most of the movies I haven't seen but have heard so much about are all older movies except for Love, Actually. There are plenty more that I did not include on this list, but given that the month of December is so short I may not even have time to watch the ones I've shared with you today! So tell me… have you seen any of these movies? Will you be watching any new ones this year? Do you have any to recommend to me? Share in the comments! I'd love to hear about your favorite Christmas movies as well as see which new ones you are planning or hoping to watch this year!

* I'm participating in Blogmas 2014! Are you?

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