Individuality in the Media

When the little girl I watch became enthralled with the music video for "Shake It Off", I almost threw up. Taylor Swift? Really? But the song got stuck in my head, and inevitably I went to watch the Behind the Scenes and discovered that her intention was far from what I had picked up on initially from watching the video. Taylor Swift was encouraging individuality and "dancing to the beat of your own drum", an idea that I can't help but respect her for whether or not I approve of her song or music video.

Taylor Swift isn't the only music artist to encourage individuality recently though.

I always go back to Sara Bareilles and "Brave"…

And then there is Tori Amos' most recent album "Unrepentant Geraldines" where she sings multiple songs about the process of growing older, women's issues, and remaining true to yourself…

While all of these artists have very different audiences in mind, the celebrities' intentions of encouraging uniqueness and individuality stand out as something to be applauded and as a very positive message to share with the world. We don't often hear about being yourself, especially as we grow older, so it's great to see celebrities reinforcing the ideas we heard as children.

I think children and teens will be able to relate easier to celebrities like Taylor Swift in much the same way that they related to Sesame Street as a child. If a cool celebrity like Taylor Swift encourages you to be yourself, what choice do you have? … It's also pretty great for older artists like Tori Amos to talk about these issues from an entirely different perspective.

Being yourself – your unique, quirky, individual self – allows you to move forward through life in ways that holding back or fitting in simply don't. Only when you break through the mold of what is expected of you can you truly excel.

Are you enjoying seeing celebrities endorse uniqueness as much as I am?

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