Ain't Nobody Got Time For…

Photo Credit: Biola Mederios

First, the list:
• Chores/Cleaning/Housework – Ick. I hate them. Can't I hire someone to clean up after me? 
• Reading – This is one I want to have time and make time for, but I just don't. 
• Being Sick – If you get sick, you have to take vacation time, and who really wants to spend their vacation time being sick? Plus, when you get back to work you have to do all of the work you missed while you were out. Ugh. 
• Breakfast – Unless you work from home, you probably know what I mean. Sleep a little bit longer or get up and eat a meal you aren't hungry for? Yeah, that's what I thought. 
• Hair – I have decided that I need my own personal hair stylist with me every day of the week. Updo? Braids? Cute hair? Ummm … heck yeah! Having to do it myself? ugh… 
• The Doorbell – I'm probably really weird, but I hate answering the door when I am home alone. Other than my irrational fears of being killed, the doorbell only ever rings when I'm busy, in the shower, or headed out the door. You couldn't come at some other time … y'know … when my husband is home?  
• Budgets – Honestly, I like budgeting. I like organizing the numbers and seeing how good or bad I have done during a given month. I don't like saving money though. I like the way it sounds to say you are saving money, and I like the way it feels to see the money grow in your bank account. I even like the way debt goes down when you put your money towards that. I don't like not spending though. That's no fun.
Now, the monthly budget update:

Can't we just pay off all of our debts so I can quit doing this?!?
• Net worth: ↑ by 4%. It's the best it's been since February! 
• Debts: ↓ Obviously, down by 4%. Best it's been since April! (I'm happy for little improvements.) 
• Assets: Sitting steady at my ultimate goal of 10% of our debt and just over 2 months worth of paychecks. It will probably stay that way for a while. Remember last month?
The good news is that last month we spent a whopping 46% less than we did during August 2013!! Whoa!!! (Getting my car fixed cost quite a bit last year.) Our goal for this month is to continue the trend of spending less than we did last year at this time and using those savings to pay off debt. We'll see how that works out. So far, we are over budget on food, because … food.

In the mean time, a graph:

yellow = last year; green = this year

What don't you have time for? :)

* I'm taking part in 30 Days of Lists! Are you?

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