Turquoise Water and Blue Skies

My summer is already looking a bit crazy. Here is my current schedule:

8 hours of babysitting (without internet)
X hours of graphic design (depends on the day)
X hours of photo editing (also depends on the day, image, etc…)
2 hours of drive time
1 hour of blog time (at least)
and some extra side work I typically do.


No wonder I needed a beautiful view of the coast to get me through today. :)

I'm not complaining about having paid work to do, but I am wondering how I will balance it all as the summer progresses. I might consider blogging just 3 times a week or blogging just images to keep up with the iheartfaces June challenge. After all, I do love pictures (and challenges). :) 

However, the whole reason I blog is to challenge myself to become a better writer. Ahh!! … the decisions! 

What do you think I should do? Are you one of the lucky ones that gets a break during the summer?

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