Throwback Thursday

On my way home, as I was listening to my new Pandora station, this song came on: Los Lonely Boys - "Heaven". That's when I knew my blog post today would be a throwback; after all it is Thursday!

Summer always brings back soooo many memories! The lake, the beach, karaoke (and I don't even like karaoke!), long drives that lead nowhere (or to Charleston), large glasses of lemonade while sitting on the porch swing looking up at the stars talking late into the night … Ahh! The memories!

The second year Justin and I were dating was the year I became interested in photography. We ended up going to Stone Mountain Park and taking a few photos. Some of those photos are still my favorites.

We took them with a 35mm camera using old, old, old film my grandfather had left in there from the early 90s. We had no idea if the film would capture anything, but we were excited to try!

Justin did most of the picture taking. I was still a bit too shy to grab hold of the camera and do much shooting myself.

My brother went with us, and it's quite clear that he didn't know what he was doing either. Notice that the image is all blurry? Focus, what?

We stayed late enough to shoot some fireworks. Because.

We had bought a season pass, so we went back the next day … this time with black and white tri-x film as well.

When I finally gave in and decided to take some pictures, I told Justin that I wanted some depth of field in my image. I had no idea how to achieve that though, so the end result was … a bit blurry. At least I knew what I wanted! (Is he squinting too?!)

This is what can affectionately be termed "the run and hug pose". (He set up the camera, ran, and hug-posed.)

And the hunched over hugging my knees pose? :) Obviously, I will never be a model.

Overall it was a fun (hot) day spent taking those pictures. I will always hold these memories (and pictures) dear, and music like the Los Lonely Boys will always remind me of summer days (and nights) spent in the south.

Are there any particular songs you strongly associate with summer or your past? Did you post any photos or memories for "Throwback Thursday"?

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  1. It's a great experience to hear music and be taken back to the past. I like how you even included the photos of your special time!


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