Loreal Blushing Harmony Lipstick Review

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to be spoiled beyond belief. It was almost like my birthday. I started off the weekend on Friday when my mom took me to get my toenails done. Then, on Saturday I got to go shopping, get my hair done, go out to eat, and see the laser show at Stone Mountain. I was definitely feeling pretty happy even before I checked the mail; however, when I checked the mail, I discovered I had even one more surprise in store for me!

People StyleWatch Style Hunters had sent me a free sample of Loreal's Blushing Harmony Extraordinaire by Colour Riche. A few weeks ago I got to choose whether or not I wanted to try the bright Ruby Opera, Coral Encore, or Blushing Harmony. Considering my make-up choices are usually as close to natural as possible, I chose the pink Blushing Harmony. It was a fantastic choice for me. I didn't feel self-conscious wearing it, because the color only enhanced my natural lip color rather than being a showstopper, something I wouldn't have been comfortable with. 

The lipstick was less an actual stick and more a liquid with an applicator. It's nice because it goes on wonderfully not feeling too wet or being too drying on your lips. The color adds a nice sheen to your lips, making you feel pretty and confident.

Unfortunately, People StyleWatch Style Hunters did not give me samples or coupons to give out, but I highly recommend joining the group. The samples they give out, based on your social profile, are fun. You can expect anything from make-up, soaps and cleansers, lotions, and even clothing! Go here to join today! Or click here if you want to buy this fantastic lip color for yourself! :)

*All opinions are my own and not necessarily those of People StyleWatch Style Hunters.

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  1. I've been wanting to try these liquid lipsticks. It's interesting that something like this can be a lipstick/stain/gloss hybrid.


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