Best Sites to get Free Samples

I'm sure you've noticed over the past few days all of the samples I've been receiving lately. Rather than keep the secret to myself, I thought I'd let you know where you can get some of these free samples yourself.

1. PinchMe

I actually just missed some samples that they were giving away today. :( I'm not sure how often PinchMe gives away free samples, but if you stay on top of your e-mail you can receive a variety of both sample size and full size items for free. The only catch? You have to fill out a short 2 minute survey after trying the product. Past products they've offered include: Dove shampoo and conditioner, Advil PM, Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, and Hollywood fashion tape.

2. Crowdtap

By answering "quickhits" (questions on product pages), text challenges (short answer questions), and taking pictures of your favorite products, you can earn the opportunity to try products, get samples, and, depending on how involved in the site you get, receive Amazon giftcards as well. In a particular month I've earned as much as $20 Amazon cash and had the opportunity to try Hershey's chocolate spread, Cottonelle cleansing wipes, Herbal Essences Bodywash, and received McCormick GrillMates barbecue rubs. You aren't going to get rich or receive all of the samples you sign up for, but it is a lot of fun receiving gift cards and samples for the little bit of time it takes to answer questions.

3. BzzAgent

Another website that requires you to fill out surveys, there are a number of opportunities to receive and try a variety of products and receive coupons through BzzAgent. You should frequently check the website to see if you have new surveys. If you do, the surveys could be for an upcoming trial study and to determine if you're profile is what the client is looking for. If it is, you might get to try anything from Iams cat or dog food to BIC Soleil Glow razors. You can visit the website to see the current campaigns that are in progress. If you participate in a campaign, you can earn MyPoints for tweeting, sharing on facebook, blogging, and simply sharing face-to-face. You will also receive coupons to buy the product at a later date or share with the people you talk with.

4. Influenster

A bit more difficult to get into, Influenster allows you to use your social media presence to bring up your profile score and get you opportunities to try things through their "sample boxes". You don't get to choose what products they send you, but you do get to choose which badges you unlock (beauty, food, environmental, book-lover, mother, bride, etc…) that will influence the products you receive. I, personally, have only ever received beauty products, but I do have a friend that has gotten to sample food products. After you receive the products you get to use social media, your blog, or youtube channel to talk about the products and share with others. If you do, you get the chance to receive more product boxes and open badges. Through the sharing and opening of one particular badge I received a $25 Ebay gift certificate. Fun, right?!

5. People StyleWatch Style Hunters

I talked about this yesterday, so you can go here to find out a bit more about it.

6. Purex Insiders

Do you ever wonder how I get so many laundry freebies? Purex Insiders, that's how. They send huge full size bottles and a ton of coupons. If you share about their products, you get entered into "blogger only" giveaways. If you do laundry at all, this is a great website to join.

What are your favorite websites to get free things? Will you be joining any of the ones I mentioned?

*All opinions are my own and not necessarily shared by any of the websites mentioned on this post. None of the links provided will get me anything if you click them, so feel free to click away and join as many or as few of them as you would like. You will not get rich or receive all of the freebies these sites offer, and I do not claim that.

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