Anthro Tag Sale!!

It's been a while since I've talked about Anthropologie. In my defense, traveling to Europe (and PCB) was a bit of a money drain. Luckily, Anthropologie understands. (Or at the very least, they understand that people on vacation have less money and that putting things on sale might mean inventory gets moved around more quickly.) In true Mandy-fashion, I had to check out the sale to see if there was anything of interest. After all, if there is anything worth getting, it's always best to buy it on sale from Anthropologie than wait until it shows up on …. Anthropologie prices on Ebay are awful, if you've ever had the chance to look.

Here's what caught my eye today:

A lot of people on Effortless Anthropologie have been complaining about how Anthropologie clothing has taken on a Free People vibe lately. Who can blame them? When you shop at Anthropologie, you are looking for elegance and fashionable day wear including pretty things to wear to the office. Free People has more of a bohemian, California chic look to it that is typically more appropriate for teenagers or people that live on the coast. The Petticoat Tank is one of those pieces that is very Free People-esque yet sold in Anthropologie stores. This top caught my eye simply because I adore the boho look. Would it work for me? Probably not. In the mean time, I can admire it from afar.

Somewhere between a dress and a top, I imagine that the Trevi Tiered Chemise is quite cool and comfortable to wear in the sweltering heat of a Georgia summer day. (Or perhaps it is best worn at night to sleep in? Reviews on the site seem to suggest both.) As for me, I'd probably pair the dress with a belt, a long necklace, and a shrug … just because that is my style.

"Finally! Something with color!" all of the readers of my blog exclaim! :) The Adalina Dress is an Anthropologie online exclusive with the color listed as … pink. Pink?!?! That dress does not look pink! Orange, perhaps? Red? Watermelon? I think the dress is really cute, but will I order it? Most likely not. I hate when Anthropologie puts things up for sale on their website without making it available in stores. How am I suppose to have a real opinion about the color, fabric, and way it fits me without seeing it in person? And yet they expect me to smack down $100 plus for these clothes? No thanks.

I think the Damselfly comb set is simply adorable. The combs come in both gold and silver, with my preference being the silver. I think they would be simply lovely when worn with a cute summer dress. While the price of $25 was a bit off-putting, I think the lower price of $15 is more likely to sell these hair pieces. (As for myself, I will be hoping the price shrinks just a bit more.)

The cereal bowls that Anthropologie sells similar to these Latte Mixing Bowls always get my attention, so when I saw these, I knew I had to share with you. It would seem the combination of teal and red is pretty popular as of recently in the kitchen. I've seen similar color combination in the Martha Stewart line at Macy's. Of course, I am all for the bright color combination that includes one of my favorite colors. Thank you Anthropologie for providing me with opportunity to make my life goal of mixing all of the things more pleasant. :)

Perfect for summer with bright colors, fruits (and frills, of course!), this darling tabletop accessory becomes an important part of summer dining. Made of cotton and machine-washable, this vibrant and beautiful tablecloth would be making my must-have list if, and only if, I had a round table. Sadly, I do not. I guess it's time to add a round table to my list of future must-haves. After all I cannot imagine going one more summer without this Vine Fruits Tablecloth stunner! :)

I've been watching the Melanie V-Neck Dress for a while, and I am thrilled that the price has gone down to $40 (down from $140)! I'm not sure it would look right on me, but I think this dress by Mauve is gorgeous and looks quite comfortable for the hot months of summer. I have to say though that I'm not sure where they think the V-neck is on this dress? Hmmm…

I'm a bit in love with this darling accessory, the Chevron Raffia Clutch, by Miss Albright. I'm not sure what it is about the clutch that speaks to me. It looks a bit vintage and the colors are fun. I suppose I'd have to see it in person to determine my real feelings on it.

What do you think about the clutch above? the clothing? the accessories? Are you jumping in the car to head to your local Anthropologie? Or are you going to hold off for a percentage off sale expected to come later this month?

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