Travel Thursday: A Day in Marseille, France

Marseille is one of those cities in France that I probably would not have even considered going to if not for the recommendation of friends. It was a beautiful little city tucked away on the coast of France, and I feel citizens are quite accurate when they claim it is "the secret capital of France". To me, it reminded me quite a bit of Charleston, SC, in my opinion, the best coastal city on the southeast of the United States. (I haven't been to too many. Perhaps I should branch out a bit?) It's one of the cities where there is so much to do and so much to see, with half of it only known by the locals, that you can never really do or see it all.

One of my favorite places to go in Marseille was to a little walking spot along the coast the name of which escapes me. We were told to arrive early and drive to the spot, because at 8AM they closed the roadway to anyone that wasn't also going to a restaurant nearby. The views from this spot were absolutely amazing. I told Justin that this spot reminded me of all of the beautiful views you see on tv when they are advertising beaches in Cabo San Lucas or Jamaica. You've seen beaches before, but you've never seen beaches like that.

As we were leaving down the narrow roadway we had used to get there (and praying our driver was confident enough and slow enough not drive us over the edge), we stopped (very) momentarily for me to capture this shot of the beautiful city and coast of Marseille. It was the first and only time I actually asked any of the drivers to stop.

If you are considering a visit to France, I strongly encourage perusing the beautiful Marseille while you are there. With fantastic food, a beautiful coastline, and nice people, you can't go wrong.

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