Ten Things I'm Thankful For

I've said it before and I'll say it again … this month has been rough. I don't deal with changes very well, and there have been a lot of changes in my life recently and will be more soon.

Here are 10 things I was/am grateful for from the past week:

1. Seeing the kids I watch. No matter what happens during my day, I am so grateful to see their faces and experience their enthusiasm; I soak it in. They always make me feel better.

2. Having a Mexican lunch with my parents and in-laws after returning from Europe. Being greeted with hugs.

3. Realizing that French mail is much faster than German mail! The postcards I sent from France have already arrived, and I've only been back a week! Usually German mail takes 2-3 weeks.

4. Justin's homemade freshly baked baguettes and croissants. Discussing the pronunciation of the word "croissant" with Justin. Exploring Atlanta to find the best baguettes, croissants, and macarons for sale. (Alon's has some pretty good baguettes and croissants, but the macarons are nothing like those found in France.)

What's the difference between a crescent roll and a croissant? Some googling may need to occur. :)

5. Going to my favorite Italian restaurant with my "honey". I usually only go a few times per year. It always makes me happy when we get to go again. (I've been dining there for nearly 20 years!)

6. Getting my editing list down by nearly 500 pictures! I started with 3400 pictures on my laptop (with this being only half of the images that were taken during the whole trip) and now I am down to 2900! It sounds crazy, but I DO NOT want to edit 6000 images! I hardly want to edit 2900. I really just want to edit the very best of the best. If I get a few great images edited and perfected from each location I will be a happy individual.

Oh - and for future reference, your grandparents may say they want to see all of the 6000 images, but they lie. Pro-tip: Only share the best of the best. People get bored otherwise.

7. Getting to go to the beach this weekend! I am soooooo ready!

8. Becoming more confident in my picture editing.

9. I'm almost caught up with e-mails! Yay!

10. Getting the opportunity to talk to a friend for an hour at a time during my long drive to and from work. I had neglected talking to her too much in the past 2 years since I lived 5 minutes away from work, and I could always think of something else I needed to be doing rather than spending an hour on the phone with her. Now, my hands are tied to the steering wheel.

How has May gone for you? Are you excited about the start of summer? Do you miss the cool winter time weather yet? Did spring bring any major life changes for you?

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