David Gray - Mutineers Review

I first heard of David Gray in 2004 when a friend got me to listen to his hit song "This Years Love". Typically, David Gray's music is a bit more country than I typically listen to these days, but I could not say no when One2One offered me the opportunity to review his newest cd Mutineers.

On June 17th, Grammy nominated artist David Gray will be releasing his tenth studio album, Mutineers. This newest release finds the singer-songwriter steering into unfamiliar territory. In addition to the change in tone, there's a rising sense throughout the record of an artist liberated from even his own expectations.

David Gray has established himself as one of the UK's leading music artists both at home and overseas. His 2009 release Draw the Line was met with critical praise and garnered the artist a series of high profile television appearances as well as two sold out tours in the US. Foundling, Gray's ninth studio album picked up where Draw the Line left off and created a new chapter of lush, soulful songs that found the artist returning to his folk music roots.

Ever since I received this album from One2One, "Back in the World" has been played over and over again as one of my very favorite songs from the entire album. It's fun, infectious, and gets stuck in your head. Of course, I have no idea why being "naked like a tree" is "the only way to be".

As is the case for me with most cds I receive from One2One, the music usually has to grow on me. This cd is a bit different from what I normally listen to. It has a mixture of songs I love … and songs I hate. I won't share what my favorites are, but I will encourage you to give a listen to David Gray's newest cd to discover the artist for yourself. I especially recommend this artist if you like folk songs and country music.

Here's a link to pre-order your copy of the cd today. You can also learn more about David Gray here.

Had you heard of David Gray before my post? Do you have a favorite song by him? Share with me! :)

*I received this album free from One2One Network for providing a review. My opinions on this album are my own and not necessarily those of One2One Network or anyone else.

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