Unifying Belongings & Packing Last Minute

Over the weekend, Justin and I shopped and shopped and shopped … then we packed and packed and packed staying up until midnight both nights simply trying to get everything done. I had to write a list in order to remember everything I had to do and every store I had to go to on Saturday, and then I still forgot a store! Argh!

Luckily, Justin and I are almost ready to go to Europe tomorrow. We have narrowed our belongings down to one checked bag (under the 50lb limit), two carry-ons, and two personal items. It's a lot of luggage, and I keep nitpicking trying to decide if I can take more out. I know that taking less will only benefit me in the long run. Nevertheless, there were definitely a few things we put off buying until the last minute to add to our luggage. I hope, even in my effort to continue to reduce my luggage, I didn't forget anything.

A few things I bought on Saturday for the trip:

I always have dark shadows under my eyes. Since we are going to a wedding in Europe, I decided it was a great time to go hang out with a Bare Escentuals associate to find out what they recommended for my "problem". The Stroke of Light Eye Brightener is a nice concealer and brightener for under the eyes, because it brightens the eye area without the need for additional make-up. Plus, you can layer it on to be as thick or as thin as you'd like. You can wear it on top of or under your usual make-up.

I bought this brush to use with the eye brightener. It lets you apply the make-up easily without using a heavy hand. Plus, it was recommended. 

Free People: Strapless black dress with red flowers

Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of it. :( The dress is made out of two different materials with a much thinner material making up the skirt of it. I thought it would be a good day dress, so I returned my black lace dress in exchange for one that I could wear a little more frequently (i.e. this one). Because of the thin material in the skirt, Justin had to sew a black slip for it. I love pairing it with my nude heels, black leggings, and …

I already owned the black version of this cardigan. I ended up sizing up from an xs to a small because of how thin the arms are on it. It was great fun seeing that it is now on sale though!

Anthropologie: Quinby Dress

While you may recall that I already own this dress, when Anthropologie announced their sale on sale-priced items, I immediately took this dress in and got a price adjustment of $20. If you don't own this dress and want to, they are still offering their sale on sale items with free shipping when you use the promo code "justbecause". Today might be the day to buy it. :)

for sunset shots with my wide angle lens.

for water shots.

and a case to carry them in.

Who wants to lose filters?

Marvis Toothpaste in tiny form

If you haven't tried this toothpaste, you simply must! It is minty and fresh and wonderful! I love it! Justin loves it! It is a bit more expensive than Crest or Colgate though, so if you aren't too particular about toothpaste this may not be the right paste for you.

I usually use homemade laundry detergent, but some of my Free People clothing is expensive, so I am extra particular about how I keep them clean. One of the ways I make sure they stay looking their best is through my use of Woolite. I figure that Woolite is typically meant for delicates, and sometimes my clothes seem delicate and easy to mess up. Buying the woolite packets means that I can keep my clothes looking good while I'm on the go. 

a few gifts for special occasions Justin and I will be missing out on while we are gone. 

Sometimes it is difficult making sure your friends and family still feel loved, thought of, and appreciated even when you are gone for special moments in their lives.

Do you do any special shopping for your vacations? Is there anything you splurge on or go out of your way to buy? Is there anything you forget until the last minute?

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  1. I always pack the phone charger at the last minute. It sounds like you're a good packer.


    1. lol. I'm packing that right this minute. I always charge my phone before I leave to go somewhere, and then I grab the charger when I grab my phone otherwise I'll forget it. :)


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