The Search For Happiness

As part of the A-Z Challenge experience, you (as a blogger) are suppose to go check out other people's blogs, see what they are posting, and leave them comments (and a bit of love). It's really an awesome chance to reach out to others and connect. One of the blogs I stumbled across today, Movie Massala, recently reviewed an older movie that I have never seen before: Eat, Pray, Love. I think I was avoiding it because of it's crazy popularity at the time. Or maybe I was avoiding one more Julia Roberts movie. (It seemed like she was in every movie for a time!) This movie seems to be written with the same kind of premise as Under the Tuscan Sun. (Do Europeans create movies about going to the US to get away from it all and create a new life? haha.)

I guess I really related to the movie trailer since I am going to Europe in a few weeks and my life is completely changing rather rapidly. (Luckily, no divorces here!) But what I most enjoyed from the trailer was when she claimed to want to have "a relationship with [her] pizza". Don't we all seek that kind of depth in our lives? (And no, I'm not talking about the desire to be obese.)

Sometimes we have to travel halfway around the world to find a piece of that life depth, but, in my opinion, there is no better place to start looking than your own home. Yes, traveling gives you new experiences and allows you to meet new people, but most often, speaking for myself (and more specifically about photography), I have to actually get bored with something to learn to see it in a new light. Of course you are getting to experience surprise and excitement by going off and experiencing something new, but what do you do when the newness wears off?

In these movies, the search begins when the characters get bored and tired of their old life; the characters break up with their husbands, go off to experience life, and then end up with some foreign guy that somehow completes them in a way their previous husband and life couldn't before. That's where the movies end. Let me ask you though: what will happen when these women get bored of their new men and new lives? Where will they travel next? Back to the US to reunite with their ex-husbands?

Perhaps we should begin our search for life depth and happiness where we are currently. As they say, the grass isn't always greener on the other side (of the world).

Hope everyone is having an awesome Wednesday! :)

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