Review Day!

I feel like I review clothing at least once a week! Scary, isn't it? I generally find that I am so picky that it quite literally takes me months (and sometimes years) to build a substantial wardrobe of things that I like. Unfortunately, I end up wearing those "favorites" so much, that I never have enough time to shop for more favorites before I find holes in my clothes or accidentally get bleach on them (or what have you). Definitely frustrating. With our trip to Europe coming up in less than a week, I jumped on the bandwagon and went clothing shopping being perfectly willing to pay full price for things I loved that I thought I would enjoy wearing overseas. Don't get me wrong though; I will still find a reason to do some shopping in Paris. How could I not? ;)

As always, when I go looking for new things to buy, I always stumble on a few things that are on sale including the Forever Yours Dress at Free People. I was going through the sales racks late at night with a tired husband and another female not much older than me who just happened to like the same things as me. I found this dress first in white and asked Justin what he thought … and I'm pretty sure he ignored my question in favor of his phone the first 3 times I asked him. I kept holding on to the only size 2 left on the rack despite his inability to hear me or respond. I was glad I did hold onto it though, when the other girl complained to her shopping companion(s) that they only had this dress in 6s and 8s. (I assumed what she didn't know couldn't hurt her.) When I finally got around her, I found this dress available in a size 0 in black which I also picked up. (FYI: the dress in currently priced at $88 in the Atlanta Free People stores in comparison to the $128 price online.) As is usual for Free People with their large sizing, the size 0 fit me far better than the size 2, so that is what I bought.

Here are a few other things you should know about this dress:
-The slip is short. I am 5'2" most days and I had to lengthen the slip to cover my behind. In fact, I'm still thinking a pair or black shorts underneath would not be a bad idea. I don't know what you taller girls can do.
- The dress stretches easily. Be careful. Take all of your jewelry off or it will snag and pull the lace.
- The dress is short. If you are tall, this dress may be more like a top for you. Seriously. It fit me like it fits the model and I am NOT 5'11".

I ordered the Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip in the white/grey combo both from Free People and ShopBop when they were having their Friends and Family sale. I had seen a model pair it with the Reese sweater at Anthropologie, and when the Reese went on sale I decided to order and try the combination. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for me. I wasn't in love with the pair and I couldn't think of a way to wear the parts separately that I was content with. This slip is very loose and even when ordering the xs, it still fits like it does on the model which is not the most flattering and a style that a belt simply wouldn't work with. I do want to say that the white/grey combo definitely looks more white than grey, so if you are interested in this slip in white, don't be afraid to try that combo. Also, if you really love this slip be sure to check out other stores that carry Free People products to see if you can find it cheaper. This seems to be a popular slip that is being carried in a few different stores.

In looking for a summer shirt, I ordered the Patchwork Crochet Tunic in both black and champagne. Let me say that again: champagne. No, it is not, not, not white even though it looks like white. The tunic is just a bit shorter than what I usually wear, but I usually wear loooooonnnnggg tunics. My husband was happy to finally see me in a shorter one claiming that the shorter one made me look taller.The tunic on my 5'2" body hit me at about mid thigh perhaps a tiny bit higher. The xs fits loosely and I have been pairing my top with a belt just under my chest to cinch it in and make it more figure flattering. Also, keep in mind that this is a CROCHET tunic so you MUST wear something underneath. (Or at least I do.) It's definitely a fun top to wear, and I think it will be great for the summer.

If you recall, last week I bought and tried the Nikola Dress in size 2. The dress was very cute, but it ended up not meeting my expectations. Neither Justin nor I liked the top of the dress. It seemed very dark for someone who usually wears v neck clothing and hardly ever has anything on her neck (other than a necklace). Also, the sleeves were quite puffy and the material was more of a brown color with lots of texture that I wasn't expecting. It's a very light dress with a soft slip inside that would be great for summer gatherings. I thought it looked best when paired with a belt and sweater, but the dress itself is pretty slimming if you don't take the puffy sleeves into consideration. It came down to this being a cute dress, but it wasn't a dress I would have been comfortable wearing.

The last thing I considered was the Reese Pullover from Anthropologie. I had seen someone pair it with the Voile and Lace Trapeze slip from Free People and I thought I might could pull it off too. Nope. I bought the last xs in ivory from an Atlanta store and when I brought it home to try it on, I was so glad I had bought an xs. This pullover runs HUGE! Like I said, it didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to and I wasn't too enthused with the pullover. It was very soft and thin which I imagine is great for spring, but I tend to wear things with lace and ruffles which this pullover doesn't have. I haven't managed to return it to the store yet, but it will be there this weekend in case you are looking for this top. :)

Just for good measure, here are a few other things I'm interested in that I haven't tried yet:

Free People Handkerchief Halter Dress

Free People Radiance Crochet Dress

Free People Salinas Foil Dress

Anthropologie Melanie Dress

Have you gone shopping at either of these sister stores recently? Anything I've mentioned that you've bought and/or loved? Anything you've hated?

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