Orange + Other Colors

During this past week, I have read a lot about colors: everything ranging from a class at Yale focusing on the color blue to an artist working on matching objects with pantone colors and even a blog post about color facts including a fact that inspired this blog post. Did you know that orange (the color) was named after the orange (fruit) and not the other way around? Apparently orange wasn't even a color until more recently! (I don't know which blog I read it from, but Huffington Post backs me and my forgetful memory up!)

Justin's dad called him at some point before Christmas and asked what we wanted from them. I'm particularly big about keeping my mouth shut when someone asks me what I wanted. I guess I always assume that if you are getting me a gift, you should know enough about me to be able to make a pretty good guesstimate about what I want. Instead of following my lead, Justin instead tells his dad about this book which was on my Amazon wishlist. Rather than ordering it off of amazon though, Justin's dad went to a bookstore and special ordered it. Supposedly, when he went to pick it up all of the employees were taking turns reading interesting color facts from it. :)

ROY G. BIV is an awesome book about color facts and provides a ton of useless information that may only ever be useful when you are at a party and don't know what to say, but it is definitely a fun book to glance through. The facts and the writing get pretty monotonous after a while though, if you are looking for a good 'reading book'. If you want more information about this book, you can read an interview from the author here or go buy the book from Amazon here. I guarantee this book will amuse and delight you for at least a day.

In the mean time, here are ten random cool facts about color:

1. Silver cars are the least likely to be involved in an accident.
2. The taste of your food depends on the color of the dish.
3. People prefer blue … except when it comes to their food.
4. Black boxes that are filled with the same things as green ones seem heavier.
5. Yellow can cause a feeling of nausea, so it is avoided on planes.
6. Before the 1950s, Santa's suit was actually green!
7. Red can cause you to fail an exam. :(
8. Turquoise calms the mind and enhances communication. :)
9. In the US white symbolizes purity, but in Africa it symbolizes death.
10. Dogs are not colorblind!

Do you know any interesting facts about colors?

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