Friday: Trip Thrills

Starting on Tuesday I will be in Europe. I have definitely shared a large amount of the stress that I have dealt with going into this trip, so today, in an effort to get more excited, I decided to share 7 things I am most looking forward to on the trip.

1. A view of Paris

For our first night in Europe, specifically in Paris, Justin and I paid a much higher premium to fall asleep to the magnificent views of the Eiffel tower and Paris at the Holiday Inn - Notre Dame. I totally plan on staking out a spot either on the terrace or in my room waiting for the sun to set with a glass of wine in one hand and my camera trigger in the other. Perhaps I'll let my husband sit with me too.

2. A surprise.

I can't share now, but I am simply dying too! Maybe once the newness of the idea for the surprise wears off, I will be better able to control my desire. Super grateful to my husband for working with me to pull this one off.

3. Views in Venice

I like views. (Who doesn't?) I was super excited when the Hilton Molino Stucky offered me an upgrade after booking to a room with a view. Not only will we be able to go up to the terrace to view Venice, but we can also view it from our room! Huzzah! Of course, the upgrade is limited to space availability and I don't know how great the view is. It sounds like fun though. We'll be living like royalty!

4. Airbnb German Rental

We rented a house from a German fellow that has been super helpful and friendly throughout the planning of this trip. He even offered to get us breakfast or fruit from the store the day before we get there since all of the stores will be closed the day we arrive! Aww! :)

I'm not sure if I will like German food. I mean bratwurst? sauerkraut? This is another reason I'm grateful to be renting a house rather than staying in a hotel. I don't know if there will be time, but I would love to explore some grocery stores, find fun foods, and cook a bit! (It's much easier to try new things, when you only have to try a tiny bit and not throw out a whole plate.)

5. VRBO Paris rental

The food thing is even more the case in Paris! Apparently, the location we are staying at is known for having fresh food stands. I just want to go buy some fruit, cheese, bread, and wine for a picnic near the Eiffel tower! Yum! :)

6. Coffee and ice cream in Italy

I don't drink coffee, but I just want to go to an Italian coffee shop and smell it! Mmmm! :)

And gelato? Fresh gelato? I don't think I will ever be able to eat "Americanized" gelato again.

7. Spending time with Friends (and family)

I've been married to Justin over 2 years and it still feels weird to call him "family". Clearly, I am not as Italian as my family history would lead one to believe. I also find it odd that I have been married to Justin for 2 years. It feels like … 2 seconds. Maybe 5. ;)

Oh and the friends bit. Love the friends. Without them, this trip wouldn't be happening. Kudos to them. Or best wishes, since they are getting married. :)

What would you be looking forward to most on a 3 week tour of Europe? Food? Friends? Museums? Something else? Do you have any recommendations for me?

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