Disney Sing Into Spring Video Contest

I have a love/hate relationship with Disney. I love that the stories are fun, imaginative, and inspirational often providing happy uplifting messages that kids can identify with and learn from, but I hate that those same messages are sometimes interspersed with overarching statements about who certain types of people are and what they should or shouldn't do. (see: gender and racial stereotyping via google.) Of course, don't even get me started on the copyright of Mickey or the "Disney vault" and how they manipulate sales in their favor. (What company doesn't?) 

Despite the political unrest caused by Disney movies, characters, stories, and stores, I have only ever read about positive experiences occurring in children's lives thanks to these classics. It reminds me of commercials, such as this one that really capture what it is like to be a fan of Disney:

It's simply too difficult not to jump in and get involved in the stories, encouraging the use of one's imagination, and singing the catchy tunes provided by the company that seems to make "magic" happen in the lives of everyone it touches. People seem to have a relationship with Disney that begins in their childhood whether it is formed through the movies, the books, the music, or the theme parks. Disney makes people happy, and who am I to deny happiness? So …


When I saw that One2One was putting together this video contest wherein one grand prize winner could win a trip for four to Disney World, I had to share it. My own experiences at the Disney theme parks and spending time with family left me with memories I will never forget. I would love for my readers and friends to have that experience too (especially if you love to sing!). I don't have all of the details, but if you go here you can get it all sorted out. I believe all you have to do is put together a 30 second youtube video of you singing a Disney song and submit it. Doesn't sound so hard, right? Especially if you have the chance to win a trip to Disney! The contest is only open to US residents and it is going until April 18, so I would recommend getting started right away on submitting your entry!

What have your past experiences with Disney been like? Do you also have a love/hate relationship with the company? Are you thrilled to share the stories, music, and theme parks with your little ones? Most importantly, will you be entering the giveaway? If you are a true Disney fanatic, be sure to take this fun quiz and find out how obsessed with Disney you actually are. :)

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday!

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** I am not getting compensated for sharing about the Sing Into Spring Contest. I am being entered into a separate giveaway for bloggers by sharing though.


  1. I've had all positive experiences with my children with Disney. I've really like their more recent releases like Tangled and Frozen. Girls who save themselves, no princes needed. And I like that the love interest aren't royalty.

  2. Awesome, I did Disney for D too! Happy A to Z.


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