Beautiful Clothes

Do you ever find yourself envious of your favorite character's outfit on tv? Or perhaps you just get super excited when you see an outfit you actually own being worn on tv?

I definitely do. Plus, it's always awesome seeing how costume designers put together outfits. Celebs always seem to look so put together; they have the perfect shoes, the perfect hair piece, and the perfect outfit. I just mix and match what I own, which is actually really great for getting your wardrobe to go farther and save you money in the long run, but the clothes don't always work together as perfectly as I would like.

Anyway… enter Worn on TV, a fantastic website with pictures of television stars dunning their made-for-a-character-on-tv wardrobes featuring where you can get the same pieces and/or similar, cheaper pieces that look just like what you saw on tv.

Is anyone else seriously thrilled by this?!?! :)

For example, let's say you liked the mother's blue dress from How I Met Your Mother episode 9x23 "Last Forever".

Worn on TV has a link to the Ron Herman original dress AND a similar dress found at Nordstrom on sale for $100 less. (I think it's the same dress in a different color.)

Isn't that crazy cool?

But speaking of How I Met Your Mother, was anyone else really disappointed in the series finale?

Back to Worn on TV…

As you can see, stores like Anthropologie are featured an awful lot on tv. It's super exciting to be looking through television fashion and to know exactly where a piece of clothing is from without even clicking through the page.

For example, I don't watch Bones, but I knew from the moment I saw this dress on character Angela from the episode 9x19 "The Turn in the Urn" that she was wearing a piece currently on sale at Anthropologie – the Stripe Swing Dress. (Isn't it great that the tv show probably paid full price, but you are discovering the dress so much later that it's now on sale?! Woot!)

Or what about this one that you might recognize from my most recent Anthropologie run?

Quinn from Glee episode 5x13 "New Direction" is wearing the Geojacquard dress I just bought on sale from Anthro! Isn't she adorable in it? It almost makes me want to start watching Glee. Almost.

Of course while some of our favorite television characters wear perfectly affordable clothing options, some of them don't. Worn on TV lets you know about those clothing choices too.

For example, I am absolutely in love with the coat Kate Beckett wears in the Castle episode "The Greater Good" 6x19. Can I afford the actual coat? Absolutely not. As it turns out it's a Burberry coat priced at $2,295.

Beautiful, right?

I can't exactly imagine owning any clothes that would fit under that jacket with those perfectly slim sleeves and tight-fitting bodice, but a girl can dream, right? I ipinxed it just so I can be notified when it goes on sale. Y'know … from $2,295 to … $1, 500. Obviously $1,500 is far more affordable for day-to-day wear. It's not like this coat would make a fantastic wedding dress … or would it? ;)

Are you envious of any clothes that your favorite characters have been wearing on tv recently? Do you follow any websites like Worn on TV to learn more about fashion and discover new/better ways to pull together some of your favorite outfits? Have you ever seen an item you own being worn on tv?

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  1. My fashion style is what my daughter recommends -- she has much better taste!

    1. So sweet! That's wonderful that you are so close to your daughter! :)

  2. what a crazy idea to buy the clothes that you see on TV. totally checking that site out!! Enjoy the challenge!

    1. It's a great website! Hope you like it as much as I do! :)

  3. Oh man, now I want to go clothes shopping!

  4. now this was SOMETHING !!!!! :) THANKS

  5. Our tv stars(in India) wear heavily embroidered sarees and chooridar kurtas with over-the-top jewellery in their shows, even when they sleep :p

    I am so drooling over those coats even though I live in a city where 20 degrees Celsius is considered the height of winter.

    1. Wow! It's so interesting how even across different cultures fabulous clothes still adorn our favorite television stars.

      I completely understand about the coat bit. It really doesn't get cold where I am either. Maybe someday we will have enough money and a reason to buy an expensive coat… :)

  6. These sities are new to me, but I'm interested. I love Kate's coat too!


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