A Kindred Spirit

Most of the time when I think of kindred spirits, I think of special friends that have been placed into my life. People that I can't imagine not having in my life. But I have to admit, there are stores like that too. I'm not comparing a store to a person; there is definitely a benefit to having actual real life people in your life. I am saying that shopping for clothes that you like and want to wear decades later is difficult, complicated, and frustrating. To have a store that understands your style and works with you even so far as to provide great customer service can make you feel like you are dealing with a kindred spirit of sorts.

I'm leaving for Europe in 2 weeks, and my "kindred spirit", Anthropologie decided to have a sale today. It's like it knew that I needed more clothes for my trip (at sale prices)! Plus, if you purchase $150, you can use promo code "INBLOOM" to receive free shipping. :)  I don't have any real reviews to share with you today, but I thought I would share a few of the sale pieces that caught my eye … as well as some newer pieces I have yet to see in the stores that I would be interested in.

Don't you love this Mysa Leather Moto Jacket? I think the color is gorgeous, and I love how it has the peplum style that fits to your waist and hips. I haven't ordered it yet, but since the price has been reduced by $200, I might consider it!

The Scout Tunic looks like a lovely spring dress. I can picture it now being worn as you tour the harbor at some exotic location. Can't you picture that? It's really a gorgeous dress, but I'm afraid to order it with all of the stripes! Unfortunately no one has written any reviews about this dress. :( It's on sale for a very good price though at $69. It may be worth taking a chance on, stripes and all!

I love the color and fabric for the Sleeveless Quilted Aude dress.

It looks like it has a beautiful texture and would be a lot of fun to not only style but also wear. Plus pockets? Yay! Do be careful when ordering this dress though; the one review on the website suggests that it fits tightly. In my opinion, the cut of the dress looks (online) very similar to the Geojacquard dress I recently bought. Slightly more flared but definitely very similar.

I saw one of the girls at my local Anthro running around in the Bavay Dress the other day, but I couldn't find it in stores. :( She had it styled with an adorable looking ruffled slip underneath making me particularly interested in this light blue dress. Unfortunately, it's not currently on sale, but I will be keeping my eye on it. It looks very cute and comfortable.

I'm not sure what it is about the lace overlays that I love, but the Patio Party Dress with it's white overlay and blue underneath really caught my attention as I was glancing through all of the Anthro dresses. It looks like the perfect summer party dress. Unfortunately, it is an "online exclusive". Soooo disappointing. I really wish Anthro would just sell all of their dresses in stores so I can at least try them on before buying!

Another online exclusive to catch my attention was the Caronia Dress. The front is nice enough with the light blue design and ruffles, but the back of the dress is what really caught my attention. I love the lace see-through back. I think the addition of that one detail helps to add to the character and beauty of this dress.

A few months ago, I said I would keep an eye on the Well-Heeled Dress, so that perhaps I could snatch it up when it went on sale. Oops. I think I missed it. This morning when I checked there were a few sizes available that were too large for me, and now that I am writing this post it has officially sold out. I guess I won't be getting this customer favorite.

Did you see my post about Worn On TV? That's how I discovered this beauty and decided to order it on sale. I'm not sure I would have considered the Nikola Dress otherwise. It seems to have awesome reviews on the website even though I've never actually seen it in the stores. I ordered a size 2, so I'm hoping it fits. Aren't the models shoes adorable?

I've been watching the Quinby Dress for a while now, so I was pretty excited when I saw it was on sale. Justin has been referring to it as my "Paris dress", because he thinks it would be perfect for me to wear on the streets of Paris. If you'd like you can read my review here.

Is there anything you see at Anthro that you've been wanting? Will you be taking advantage of any of the sale items or the free shipping promo code?

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