Shopping with Me

Last night, I went to both of my favorite stores, Anthropologie and Free People. Anthro was having a sale, and I wanted to check out the merchandise before buying something I didn't think I'd like. I thought I would review a few of the items I tried on and kind of give you an idea of what awesome things are available in the stores right now.

On Monday when this dress went on sale, I immediately picked up the phone to call my local Anthro and get them to place a hold on the XS version of the Midday dress. I wasn't sure if I would love the dress, but I knew that the sleeves were adorable. The dress looked casual enough to wear as a day dress, but I thought it might also be easy enough to dress up for a (more casual) night out. It's always amazing what a scarf and some tights will do! :)

The dress was very comfortable on. It was a bit loose through the arms and chest area and looked more like a boat neck dress than the typical rounded neck you tend to see with dresses. I like the boat neck style so that was ok with me. :) The waist fell to just the right place on my torso making me look thin rather than adding weight like these types of dresses tend to do for my body.

In the end, I returned this dress to the sale rack. As cute and comfortable as it was, it was a bit too casual for me.

When I saw the Jus De Fruit glasses on sale at Anthropologie, I was shocked and immediately ordered some from the website. There is quite a story behind these glasses – I originally saw them where I babysit. I would drink a glass of water or lemonade from them, and they were the absolute perfect size and easy to hold. I introduced Justin to them when he babysat with me late one night there, and he loved them too! But we couldn't afford the ones from Anthropologie at $7 a glass. Then last fall Justin and I found them on sale at the William Sonoma outlet store in north Georgia. We have used those glasses SOOOO much that when I emailed Justin that they were on sale again, at Anthro, we went ahead and bought a few more. I highly recommend these glasses.

I actually just saw this "online exclusive" Hampstead Pitcher today on the Anthro website. I think it is crazy adorable and just begging to be used with a flower arrangement. :)

I didn't try this Lacestitch Cardigan on, but you can bet I will be keeping my eye on it in the coming weeks, praying it goes to the sale rack. Made by Angel of the North, the fabric is super soft. It comes in 4 colors - ivory, terracotta, grey, and mint. I'm torn between my love of the mint and the ivory. Ivory goes with everything, but the mint is closer to the turquoise color that I love. Hmmm… Which should I choose? ;)

Before I left Anthro, I had to try on the Ninette Skirt. It had been hanging out in the sale rack at Perimeter for a while, but it wasn't my size. When I saw it in my size at Lenox, I just had to buy the xs. I think the skirt is incredibly cute, but it is definitely longer on petites than it is on taller women. For instance, the skirt goes down to my knees or longer depending on where on my hips/waist I wear it. Luckily, the waistband is stretchy, so you can wear it as high or as low as you want. Not sure if I should say this or not, but I found the zipper on the xs version of the skirt I tried on to be completely unnecessary as I could slip the skirt on without undoing the zipper. (Note: I do not recommend you try it simply because I was able to. If you do, you try it at your own risk.) Justin wasn't in love with the fabric, but I bought the skirt anyway. I'm going to try it out with a few shirts I have at home before deciding whether or not to keep it. I just didn't want to see the last xs get sold before I had the chance to make up my mind. (Shopping late at night without dinner can be difficult.)

About a month or so ago, I tried these cute bracelets on with something else from Free People. They were accidentally in the sale section, and I thought they were adorable (or pretty). Unfortunately, I don't typically wear gold and these bracelets were far too big for my wrists. Oh well.

Another thing I've been watching is the Lace Inset Zip Up Hoodie in navy. I thought it was gorgeous and would look cute with a skirt. I haven't actually tried it on, but I did order it from the store in both xs and s to be shipped to my house. When I saw it on sale for $30 at my local Free People store, you can imagine I was excited; the current sale price at Free People is $128 which I can't even imagine paying for this piece despite how cute it is. Other Free People reviewers have commented that it fits weird; I'll have to let you all know if that is the case.

Another top at Free People that caught my eye is the Trapeze Cowl Neck. I'm not sure if I will order after reading the reviews, but I have to admit that this looks very cute. I love the soft, flowy, light, feminine look of this sweater, but I'm not sure I'm interested in having a beige and pink sweater, as one reviewer commented that it was; I much prefer the ivory look that the model is wearing.

About two weekends ago, I went looking for dress up shoes at Von Maur and I came across these gorgeous Caparros Kathy Sparkle Sandals which I highly recommend. They have a kitten heel which I imagine isn't great for most shorter ladies (myself included!), but the shoes themselves are incredibly comfortable and great if you are looking for shoes to wear to an upcoming event. I have to admit I was originally looking for nude shoes, but these were so adorable and looked much better with my outfit, so I bought both! After spending 6 months looking for shoes, when you finally find a pair or two that you like, it's hard to pass them by.

What have you seen in stores recently that has interested you? Anything pretty or fun? Will you be shopping for anything I've mentioned above?

P.S. I have the following song stuck in my head. Help?! I haven't even seen the movie! Should I?

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