Home - A Word Filled With Meaning

Have you ever been someplace where you just felt "home"?

Way back during my sophomore year, I decided to check out an all girls' college in the area. Previously I had no interest in it whatsoever. Who really wants to go to an all girls' school anyway? There would be cliques and cat fights, and I just knew that unless you were in the right group of friends you just wouldn't fit in. But when I stepped on campus, I knew.

I knew the small town feel so close to the city would be perfect for me. The huge, spacious wrap-around front porches surrounded by immaculate grounds would comfort me in times of trouble. The large police presence would protect me. And the swing dance classes would take me back to a time before I even existed.

Well, when we started renting this house nearly two years ago in that same town, I didn't know that was what I wanted. But now that I am moving, I know that I will definitely be returning to this small town as soon as possible. The town is my home.

How often is it that you can narrow home down to a zip code? One particular area in the whole of a state that makes you happiest? Granted, my home wouldn't be quite as nice without my spouse. In the meantime though, I am grateful and confident to have found a unique meaning to the word home in a way that I never would have imagined as possible.

What does the word "home" mean to you? Does it have any meaning that is more than simply where your family/spouse is? (Obviously, if they aren't there, it can't officially be "home"!)

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