Five Pinterest Snacks

I'm hungry, so today I'm going to blog about food! Woot! Here are 5 pin-worthy snacks that I haven't tried yet, but I want to.

1. Sweet Baby Cheesus

I'm not even going to ask about the name.

The biggest problem I see with this recipe is that they call for crescent rolls. I can totally see Justin making his own crescent roll mix just so that he doesn't have to buy the canned stuff from the grocery store (even if the canned stuff was my favorite at holidays growing up!). Also, what is camembert cheese? Is it smelly? Or like brie? Whatever. The image makes it look delicious! Creamy, melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Yum.

(I said I was providing snack ideas, not necessarily healthy ones!)

2. Peach, Tomato & Mozzarella Crostini

First of all I love balsamic vinegar, peaches, tomatoes, mozzarella, and homemade french bread; there is no way this is not going to be a win for me. Second of all, I live in Georgia, king of peaches. (Well, actually I think we're king of peanuts, but who is counting?) Yes, this looks like a fun and delicious summer snack that I must try asap.

3. Avocado and Bacon Grilled Cheese

It's bacon week and bacon in this form sounds delicious! I've had other versions of your typical grilled cheese, but I've never had bacon and avocado with it. I suppose this might be the perfect week to try it!

4. Bacon Wrapped Pineapple

Let us continue on our bacon roll and pair it with pineapple and brown sugar. I've had bacon wrapped chicken before and bacon wrapped steak, but seeing the combination of bacon and pineapple is a first for me. It looks amazing and it sounds amazing. :)

5. Bacon Asparagus Pasta

Justin and I considered making this last night to go along with our dinner, but we didn't have any asparagus and we didn't think broccoli would taste as good. :) I think this delicious six ingredient pasta dish would be fantastic during the summer. (Or is it spring when asparagus is at it's peak?) Anyway, that + bacon (during bacon week) sounds mmmmm!!!! :)

Hope you all find a fantastic snack to try! Don't you just love pinterest?

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