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With my house in shambles as the process of moving continues, Justin and I went to visit the mall on Saturday so that I could get my hair cut and finish accessorizing an outfit for an upcoming event. Of course, no trip to the mall is complete without a stop by Anthropologie, but Anthropologie wasn't the only store I went to. In fact, Justin and I went to a few stores and bothered a number of sales associates as I searched high and low for perfection. (You have no idea how difficult perfection can be to find!) Here's a recap:

The first store I went to was, of course Anthropologie. I had some returns to make and I wanted to take a glance at their sale section. I admit I also took a peek at their regular section as well. With such a great return policy, awesome customer service, and the ever-changing yet dependable sales rack, it's hard not to continue to shop at this store.

One of the first items I pulled from the sales rack was the Geojacquard Dress. I'm honestly not sure why I pulled this dress from the sales rack, I thought I remembered liking this review a bit more than I currently do. Nevertheless, I tried this dress on and loved it. (Justin loved it too which is always a good sign.) I initially tried on a size 0 which was tight through the chest (which is the same problem most reviewers on the Anthropologie site had). I then tried on a size 2 which fit well even if it was a bit difficult to zip. (I think the problem was in the type of zipper rather than the dress being too tight for me.) The dress is a tad bit short (even on shorter gals!) and fell a few inches above my knees with the natural waist actually sitting at my natural waist! (Hooray!) Interestingly, the dress falls a bit lower in the back (to aid in slimming I guess?). It also has pockets!  How many dresses have pockets?!

The Geojacquard dress reminded me of something from the 70s. It was very slimming and the fabric was nice and thick. More or less, I loved it. Now if only I can find an occasion to wear it…

Before I deserted the Geojacquard dress, I tried on the Sprig Belt with it just to see what it would look like. I wasn't expecting much, but I ended up loving it. Maybe this belt doesn't necessarily go with that dress, but I definitely loved the idea.

I tried on the size small and it fit perfectly; this belt definitely fits true to size. It's a lovely belt wherein the hook has a bit of an old, vintage vibe and I like the holes throughout the belt and the character they add to it. My one concern, even though I purchased it anyway, is that the belt might not hold up over time; it seems a bit fragile. I've seen the way my husband's belts fall apart from being bent backward and forward so much for him to wear and I'm a little bit afraid that this might happen with this belt as well. Of course I don't wear the same belt every day for weeks and months on end, so perhaps the belt may have some staying power in my closet. Either way, it is a very cute belt with a cute springtime name and I can't wait to hook it up with some cute dresses to create a bit of magic. :)

One of the dresses I was most excited about trying on was the Tiered Tulle Chemise. While I was concerned that it might be too close to nightware to be worn as a dress, the people at my local Anthro had it styled with a sweater in such a way that it looked like a fun, simple summer dress that could be quite comfortable to roam around France in, so I picked up the navy version in an xs and took it to the fitting room. (They don't offer multiple colors online, but they definitely had them in stores.) First of all, let me say, the fabric is a dream! It is sooo soft, light, and comfortable. I'm certain for some girls this chemise will look wonderful on and be the perfect dress for summer, but for me, I decided it looked too much like a gown even after adding a belt to accessorize it. It was very unfortunate. :(

The last thing I tried on was this Pleidas Cardigan in an xs. It's not at all something I would normally choose for myself, but I thought I would try it since it was paired with the Tiered Tulle Chemise. Let me just say that the weight of this sweater is about 4 times the weight of the dress or more; they seemed like such an awkward pairing and really looked like it on me. Perhaps it would be an awesome set if you are still experiencing below 40 degree weather, but I found this sweater (cardigan) to be thick, hot, and itchy. Plus, I was totally not into the belt; I think it's silly looking. If you are interested in a thick sweater like this and you typically have a boho chic look, I think this could be a great cardigan. It just wasn't really my style.

In getting ready for an event, I went looking through Nordstrom for a cardigan and found this Snake Chain Layering necklace in silver which is much much much prettier in person. Justin had left me to to search on my own; I'm thinking that maybe he learned his lesson. (i.e. If you leave your wife for more than 2 seconds, she will find at least one more thing to spend money on!) The necklace is far more delicate looking and not the huge monstrosity of chains that it looks like in this photograph; plus, the price! At $18, I felt like I was getting a steal! I so rarely see prices that low at Nordstrom, I could hardly believe it. I've been looking for a necklace like this for years, and it was the perfect accessory to go with my dress.

Another difficult thing for me to find is a cardigan to wear over dresses. Obviously this one is not ideal, but it definitely served the purpose I was hoping for. It's called the Cropped Cotton Cardigan (such a unique name!) and it is super, super thin. Justin almost considered having me get the small in white because it is so thin and you could see the sleeves of my dress right through it. Instead I went with the black in an extra small due to the better fit. This cardigan does seem to have wide shoulders and it is hard to get positioned just right, but the cotton fabric is nice and light for summer. Given that I have been looking for months for this type of sweater, I was content with my find. :) It comes in 5 colors: aqua, navy, pink, black, and white.

Last but not least, I finally received the Free People Lace Inset Zip Up Hoodie in the mail in both xs and s. Unfortunately, I was not happy with either, and that is why I am providing a second review. As it turns out, even the xs is too big! The Hoodie is shorter in the front (an inch or two) than in the back. The xs has a much wider circumference than I was expecting around the waist and the shoulders were either designed for a much larger person (a body builder perhaps?) or a man. Actually, perhaps this hoodie was designed for Barbie with a much smaller waist and hip circumference to chest circumference, but even that doesn't explain the wide shoulders. I haven't even brought up the tight fitting arms. This hoodie, even at $30 is still a bad fit for me, and I'm not even sure I would pay $15. Buy at your own risk.

Did you do any shopping this weekend? Is the beautiful spring weather encouraging you to update and clean out your wardrobe?

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