Another Sick Day: Random Thoughts

I didn't sleep last night, and I thought I was doing good this morning by being up early. But no, my body decided to rebel. I'm feeling awful… :( Therefore this post is going to be pretty short.

1. I finally booked my hotel room for Paris. I used IHG's website, calling prior to booking and asking about the "best rate guarantee". They said they would match another site, so I went ahead and booked. Turns out they only match the price if the room details are all the same including the price (i.e. Euros to Euros rather than dollars to Euros). Of course, this is most likely because the first night is free if you can find a site with perfect price matching details within 24 hours after booking. I haven't been able to thus far, which is really sad since all I really wanted was a price match; a free night is nice, but I would be content just saving money. *shrugs* Read over the terms and don't trust a customer representative if you call. No matter what they claim on the phone, they won't follow through after you've paid for a non-refundable hotel room.

Something I discovered after booking, if you are looking for a room in another price (like Euros), a good place to start is Kayak. Up at the top right, you can change country rates or even just from dollars to Euros. It's a great way to compare hotel rates and make sure you find the current lowest rate available. :)

If we are going to look on the bright side, Justin and I will be staying in a room with an eiffel tower view our first night in Paris. I am definitely excited about that. :)

2. All night I had this song stuck in my head:

Yes, it is from Once. I can't help it! Once you see the broadway show, then watch the movie to make sure you weren't crazy when you decided you liked the movie, you can't help but have the amazing songs stuck in your head. :) It's quite possible I will post every Youtube video related to the movie on the blog, and you won't even have to see the movie! Truthfully, it is just a great movie that you should see.

In this scene, Marketa's character goes out to the store (I don't know why), and decides to listen to Hans' cd as she walks back. (This was 2006, before ipods and iphones with music were a big thing!) Anyway, I guess even though the movie doesn't make it clear, she creates her own song walking back home as she thinks about her husband who is no longer living with her. They are going through a difficult time or something like that. Or maybe she is thinking about Hans' character? I really don't know.

Anyway, I am love with this scene. I think Marketa Irglova is an amazing singer. Plus, the opening lines of "Are you really here? Or am I dreaming?" really make the scene seem magical. I kind of feel like she is sleep-walking. And this scene seems so different from the rest of the movie that her late night sleep-walking (or dreaming) really conveys the personal feelings of this character to the audience that she doesn't really ever convey to Glen Hansard's character. (Why didn't they give them names? Or is that part of the beauty and simplicity of the movie Once?)

3. I also watched this interview with Glen Hansard this morning when I was still feeling ok.

In the interview, he talks about busking, how he got started as a street performer, and his hopes for the future. I wasn't sure if I really liked him until I heard this interview. When he started talking about getting his voice to echo off of buildings and knowing that he had "really made it" as a musician, I started thinking he was awesome. The interview only got better though. He also talked about connecting with people and becoming one with the street, how he saw everyone that passed by and got to know people by their traits. Basically, this interview made him sound like a very interesting person that I would love to get to know on a personal basis and sit down to have coffee with. I don't even like coffee. ;) It also gave me a new respect for people that sing in the streets.

What have you been up to this week? Have you seen any awesome videos on Youtube? Are you as glad as I am that it's Wednesday?

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