Allergic to Debt

Justin bought a truck. We're going to Europe. We already owed money on credit cards. And we're moving.

*cue crazy sneezing*

Needless to say this post is the last thing I want to do. Share that I am broke with the entire internet? haha. :(

The Good News:
- We were really close to paying off our second credit card this month before we bought the truck.
- We bought the truck in credit cards and cash. (I like having some emergency savings otherwise we could have paid completely in cash.)
- Next month, we will get our security deposit back, along with some extra money that has been worked out with our landlord.
- In May we will be cutting back on all of the bills and living expenses saving approximately 80% more than we currently are. (I made that figure up.)

The Bad News:
- We have 2 more large expenses I want to make before the trip to Europe. (Rental car and Paris hotel.)
- Paying off the credit card just got that much more difficult (in terms of extra money on it).

Net Income: Yeah, I expected that. :( Down by approximately 50%.

Assets: Down by 11%. (Actually calculated that.) Not great, but not bad. Higher than we were in November. I get to add some money to it next week.

Net worth: I think what this graph says is not to sue us. If you do, you won't get hardly anything. ;)

We went from owing the least we have owed in the past 6 months to owing more than we ever have! Ahh! Stress!

BUT we wouldn't owe as much if we hadn't bought Justin a truck. If we hadn't bought Justin a truck, we wouldn't be moving to such a cheap location. If we weren't moving to such a cheap location, we wouldn't be able to conquer our debt goals more quickly and build up a down payment for a house. Plus, Justin needed a vehicle. That is how I am consoling myself.

I will not compare my financial status with all of those million dollar retired-by-30 bloggers who own a house, have 2.5 kids, and travel the world. I am doing the best I can with what I have to pay down debt and get myself (and my husband) into a better situation financially. We will do it, but it takes time and hard work; it doesn't happen overnight.

Have you made any positive or negative decisions recently that have impacted you financially?

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