5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sometimes life can really get you down. Things aren't going the way you want them to, and you get more and more depressed. I've found that the best cure, for me, to get out of that depression is to think back on the best things that have happened to you during a particular day (week, month, year, and so on…). If you really start thinking about it, it is easy to find things to be grateful for or even just little things that made you happy during the day.

I'm not actually depressed this week, but I still thought I'd share a few things that made me smile.

1. Justin's new truck.

Justin has owned two trucks (now three) and one car in the time I have owned my Chrysler sebring. Every vehicle was old, high mileage, and falling apart. My dad, the mechanic, always did what he could to make the vehicles more fashionable, but the end result was that I was never comfortable riding in them. The vehicles were not reliable and they weren't something you could comfortably drive to a wedding without worrying your suit (or dress) would get dirty. Of course, the vehicles were what Justin could comfortably afford; there is definitely something to say for living within your means. :)

Now that Justin has a new(er) truck, I am the one to suggest we drive the truck instead of my car. It smells clean inside, the interior is suitably nice, and the vehicle is quiet with less mileage than my car currently has. It makes me smile to know that we could afford a vehicle for Justin that is much nicer than anything he has owned before. I'm hoping it will last him for years and years to come.

2. My parent's helpfulness.

As my parents get older, there is less and less they can help me with, but I love that they still try as hard as they can. Between helping us talk the price down on Justin's new vehicle and using their gas and time to help us move when I'm certain they would rather be doing other things (I would rather be doing other things!) all makes me smile and feel loved.

3. Justin's patience

Not only did I manage to give Justin my cold, but he has been incredibly patient as I get over it. (Yes, I probably should have gone to see a doctor by now.) I called him this afternoon and asked what I should take to control my sneezing, coughing, and sniffling without making me drowsy, and he recommended something. (My own personal doctor!) It's meaningful to me that I can call him about nearly anything I need help or advice for while he is busy at work, and he makes the time for me. Aww…  :) Some might say it's because he loves me; it's really hard to say for certain though. ;)

4. Children's Smiles

On Tuesday, I didn't have to work late but I agreed to. I took the two boys I was watching to the park and gave their dad a chance to relax. When I mentioned that it was time to go, the oldest looked at me and said "why?!" (Note: He and his brother had not been getting along all afternoon until we got to the park; then they got along great!) I couldn't come up with a good answer, so I called Justin. I had decided that when Justin got there we would leave. It was so nice (and fun) seeing the kids play "Cops and Robbers", getting along so wonderfully, and enjoying spending time with me.

5. You can lose weight by swinging!

Did you know that? 200 calories for an hour of swinging! Now if only I can convince the 4 year old that he doesn't need pushing! :)

I love swinging, and it brings back so many childhood memories. I'm not sure the laidback swinging I was doing on Tuesday resulted in any calories being lost, but it's still a fun thought that you can lose weight doing something so enjoyable and relaxing.

What are five things that have made you smile this week? Do you have anything in common with me?

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