The Perfect Pinterest Valentine's Day

First and foremost, I must say that I find Valentine's Day a little over-rated. I was blessed to grow up in a family that celebrated Valentine's Day as a day of cherishing those we love rather than loving those we cherish, if that makes any sense. In other words, I never felt pressured to have a date or significant other on Valentine's Day. We didn't always celebrate in a big way, but we always did some little something.

- My mom encouraged dressing in pink or red.
- We would exchange cards at dinner.
- Dinner often consisted of something red or fancy: spaghetti or steak.
- Dessert was typically a chocolate cake with a heart decorated on it.
- Occasionally small gifts were exchanged. Usually small teddy bears, chocolate, or a toy. One Valentine's my dad went all out and bought me some ruby earrings from Jared, particularly meaningful since ruby is my birthstone. Unfortunately, I lose everything so I've been too afraid to wear them too much. :-/

For the most part, it was the little things that were the most meaningful. Sometimes going out to eat and celebrating in a big way takes away the thoughtfulness of a home cooked meal and homemade cards.

Past Valentine's have been a mix of awesome and sucky for me:

- One year my replacement Dell computer came in on Valentine's. That was awesome. Dells suck.
- A few years it has "flurried" on Valentine's Day. Considering the lack of snow typical of GA, that is always fun. :)
- Last year Justin and I were babysitting a then-3-year-old on Valentine's. My computer hard drive crashed, my car needed fixing, the president came to town, and my attempt at a cake failed miserably.

This year Justin and I get to celebrate sans 3 year old, and while I'm not hoping for a perfect holiday, there are definitely a few things that could make my Valentine's Day more awesome.

1. A Homemade Meal

Obviously, Valentine's Day this year falls on a work day, so there will be no homemade breakfasts or lunches, but a homemade dinner is always delicious. If Justin decides he really doesn't want to cook, I definitely would not be opposed to going out to eat. I'm also not opposed to having dinner with our families. But if we stay in, it would be great fun to have roasted tomato soup and a salad with strawberry balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It would be a warm meal that incorporates the color red. (I picked these things because they sound delicious, not because of the color!)

image from Baked By Joanna

image from A Beautiful Mess

2. Cards and gifts will most likely not be exchanged because of the whole saving for Europe and paying down debt thing. Plus, Valentine's Day everything is SOOOO expensive. It's much cheaper to wait until afterward when all of the holiday merchandise goes on sale!

image from Inked Fingers; this product is from last year and no longer available

Nevertheless, I can't help but want to decorate for Valentine's Day even in the simplest of ways.


image from Niche White

3. A cute outfit. 

I'm thinking something like this would be fun:

Chicwish top, bottom

Floral, feminine, basic. Maybe with these:

Steven Ravesh from Zappos or 6PM

I know it's not pink or red, but I could totally jazz it up with red or pink accessories if I wanted.

4. Dessert

It's the only appropriate way to end the night. What about a mini chocolate bundt cake with strawberries or raspberries on the side?

Bronze Budget Bride

Yes, I do believe even the most basic homemade Valentine's Day can be amazing (and inspiring).

How are you planning on celebrating Valentine's Day? Have you been crafting up a storm? Or searching pinterest for the perfect gifts and foods? Perhaps you are going out of town for the weekend? If so – lucky you!! :) Share with me! I need more ideas! And I'd love to hear from those who celebrate in bigger ways than I do! :)

** I'm participating in the SITS girls' February writing prompts. Feel free to join in!!

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